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2011 Bauer Vapor X60 LE hockey stick

Bauer has done it again…unveiling the new 2011 Bauer Vapor X:60 Limited Edition hockey stick. Essentially this is the same stick as the last Bauer X60 LE stick, although Bauer has freshened it up a bit with some new grey, silver, and yellow graphics.  Personally, the X60 LE sticks are my favorite out of the X60 stick family because they offer the sweet matted stick finish.

The Bauer Vapor X60 LE hockey stick 2011

Warrior Dolomite DD Hockey Stick Review

This is the first installment of some hands on stick reviews from IW Hockey. The goal here is to give straight forward information on some of the top hockey sticks on the market. Granted since a good portion of the review is derived from personal perception there will be some bias, although these reviews were done with the goal of being as un-biased as possible. Now to start it off….our first hands on stick review of the Warrior Dolo DD hockey stick.

Warrior Dolomite DD hockey stick 2011, 85 Flex, Vanek Curve, Lie 4

Warrior Dolomite Double D Hockey Stick 2011


The Warrior Dolomite Double D hockey stick 2011 had a great all around feel, and was just a solid stick across the board. The Dolo DD is an advanced stick but not a top of the line stick.  The Warrior Dolo stick like many other sticks in this price point are very light but don’t make it into the “what is the lightest stick” debate.  I felt like it was a good weight.  Light but just heavy enough to feel like you have something there.  The low kick point was easy to load and excelled in wrist shots and snap shots.  Warrior has used their Double D blade core that uses denser foams in the heel and softer foams in the toe. This offers a great puck feel.  Seemed a bit more responsive in the heel from the denser foams, but softer on the puck towards the toe of the blade.  Denser foam gives it a nice feel in receiving passes.


  • Comfortable shaft dimensions
  • Good puck feel from DD blade core
  • Easy loading for a low kick
  • Receiving pass
  • Wrist shots


  • Not the best for slap shots
  • Very slightly blade heavy (potentially could not be a con, see notes under stick feel)

Tech Specs:

  • Weight: 473.4 grams
  • Flex Profile: Low Kick Point
    • Warrior characterizes as Precision flex
    • You can see in the image below, there is minimal flex in the upper portion of the stick with most of the flex just below my lower hand

The flex of the Warrior Dolo DD stick

  • Call out Features:
    • Carbon elite material
    • Fused one-piece design
    • Double D blade core: Uses denser foams in the heel and softer foams in the foam for in proved puck feel while maintaining power and durability.

The Warrior Dolo stick featuring the DD blade core

Review Points: (points based on 1-100 scale)

Overall score: 87

Stick Feel: 88

Double concave walls and rounded corners make the stick very comfortable. Easy to roll the wrist and stick handle. Very slightly blade heavy but overall nice balance feel.  Lightweight stick but because it is not in the ultra light stick class still feels like you have a little more substance there especially in the blade. Light enough to make one handed play easier but heavy enough to feel like you are holding something.  The Dolo DD was a pretty easy loading stick, not quite as easy as some of the mid kick sticks though. For a low kick stick it was pretty easy to load, just had to lean a little on it to load it up.

Puck Feel: 88

The Double D blade core gives the stick a nice puck feel. Has a soft feel out by the toe and bit more responsive in the heel.

Slap shots: 76

Slappers were not the strongest point of the stick. Part of this could have been because I felt the lie 4 was just a little too far out in front of me. Vanek curve was a good blade for slappers though.  The Dolomite didn’t feel bad, it just did not excel as much as it did in the other categories. Which makes sense with the low kick flex design.

Snap shots: 87

The Dolo Double D put up a solid performance on snap shots. Nice quick shot release, slightly snappy feel. Pretty good accuracy, didn’t feel like the most accurate stick in the world, but certainly did not feel like it had bad accuracy.

Wrist shots: 93

I felt like the Warrior Dolo stick excelled in wrist shots the most.  Easy to load the stick, it didn’t require you to put all your weight into the shot.  Still could get a good flex shooting more with your arms.  The low kick felt good with a pretty quick shot release.

Giving Passes: 85

The Warrior Dolo hockey stick had a solid performance here, but nothing over the top. Good feel didn’t even really think about it much, so it must have been doing something right.

Receiving Passes: 91

Double D blade felt great for receiving passes.  I could feel the denser material in heel, kept the puck a little closer to the blade when catching a pass with out really “receiving” the pass.  You could feel a difference from catching passes toward the heel or in the toe. Obviously there will always be a difference there, although seemed to be a little more distinctive in this case.

Revision Roller Hockey Pants

Good news for Revision Nation players out there… Revision will soon be offering a roller hockey pant! Another new year and another solid new product from Revision.  Check out this video for a sneak peak and review of the pant.

The pant is estimated to be available in January at and it will be competitively priced around $60.  The official name of the pant has yet to be determined, but with last year’s introduction of the Revision Viceroy stick with pattern names like Cheese and Sauce, the pant name should be a good one.  Can’t wait to hear it.