2011 Mission Axiom Roller Hockey Skates

Mission Hockey, the top selling manufacturer of roller hockey skates is about to launch its new 2011 line, the Axiom.   Since 1996 when Mission first launched the Proto series skates as the first true roller hockey specific skates, Mission has continued to build faster, lighter and more comfortable pure roller hockey skates.  And the new Axiom skate line carries on that tradition with a bold new look.

Mission Axiom T9 Roller Hockey Skate

Taking a look at the premier Axiom Skate, the Mission Axiom T9, will offer all the performance and comfort an advanced player will ever need.  For performance the T9 features Mission patented Hi-Lo wheel set-up, a combination of 76mm and 80mm wheels that excel in the corners and on the breakaway.  Mounted on the lightest frame available, the Mission Hi-Lo Magnesium.  Combined with the new Mission Swiss Limited Edition bearings and Rink Rat’s new Hornet Split wheels, this is sure to be one of the fastest set-ups out on the rink.  To control all this speed Mission has upgraded their Texallium outsole to offer a solid, durable platform.

Going inside the boot to take a look at the comfort, Mission has upgraded the liner to a new “Mission Haze” liner that offers great moisture wicking and a cool look.  The liner’s quick drying properties are accelerated by Mission’s new vented, felt tongue.  To increase the air -flow it has a nice 2-piece, contouring felt tongue that has holes through it.  As well, Mission has improved the overall fit of the skate with new, suppler ankle foam pads and slightly wider toe box.

Overall, the new 2011 Mission Axiom skate line will offer suppler liners and a wider, more accommodating toe box.  And of course a new look with very detailed, tattoo-like graphics.  Staying true to roller hockey, the Axiom skate line will offer great ventilation, durable extruded frames and side abrasion guards.

The 2011 Mission Axiom T9 roller skate will be available for pre-sale at InlineWarehouse.com mid August.

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