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Product Review: Warrior Remix LTD EDT “Circa NHL” Hockey Gloves

Warrior is back at it, bringing back the old school.  The Remix Limited Edition gloves feature a vintage look with six classic NHL team color ways with the year they were brought into the league.  They feature the Chicago Blackhawks Circa 1926, Los Angeles Kings Circa 1967, Minnesota North Stars Circa 1967, Hartford Whalers Circa 1979, Colorado Rockies Circa 1976, and the Quebec Nordiques Circa 1972.  The gloves also feature the teams city and logo on the outside of the glove running down the pinky finger.

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Sneak Peek: Tour Fish BoneLite Pro Skates

It’s that time of the year around the Warehouse where sneak peeks are coming out left and right. Well here is the exclusive sneak peak at the 2013 Tour Fish BoneLite Pro skate. This bad boy is going to be headlining the 2013 Tour Skate line with the BoneLite 750 and Bonelite 725 following suit with somewhat similar designs like the BoneLite Pro.

The Fish BoneLite Pro skates are going to come in two color schemes. The first one is dark themed; black quarter package and black Labeda Eviction frames with bright green accents. The second color scheme looks like it will be a “limited edition” colorway; whited-out quarter package and whited-out Labeda Eviction frames with bright green accents as well. Sitting inside of the Eviction frames regardless of color, there is four Labeda Addiction wheels with new Bevo Gold 9 bearings. The all-white look seems as if Mission might have rubbed off on them, nonetheless it’s an aggressive clean look. Using history as a reference, the intricacies of the stitching on the quarter packages raises some questions about durability but only time will tell.

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Product Review: CCM RBZ Hockey Stick

I was a little skeptical about the RBZ when it first arrived on the market for a lot of reasons.  TaylorMade had never ventured into the hockey industry before, CCM previously failed to impress me in the stick department, the hollow blade may be hard to adjust to, and more. When CCM sent us the RBZ prior to its release, we product tested it and I was able to shoot with it. The thing that got hooked me was the pop of the stick. The RBZ’s tagline really captures the essence of the stick: “Strap a Rocket to the Puck!”

CCM’s Power Swing technology creates a fine tuned weight and flex distribution providing a faster swing for unbelievable puck speed. On top of this, the 4 speed channels and hollow blade construction that make up the SpeedBlade technology (TaylorMade contribution) give the blade very powerful pop. Every wrist and snap shot I take comes off the stick accurately and a lot more power than I usually get with other sticks.

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Sneak Peak: Sherwood SUPERLIGHT Goalie Sticks

Sher-Wood’s releasing a new line of goalie sticks this December called the SUPERLIGHT. The new SUPERLIGHT goalie sticks offer innovative features combined with hybrid technology and lightweight materials including high modulus carbon fiber. Sher-Wood’s SUPERLIGHT goalie sticks have a new thin blade design that significantly improves the goaltenders feel for the puck and the addition feel improves a goalies game around the net. A common problem with composite sticks is that they sometimes become soft in the paddle portion of the stick. Sher-Wood addresses these issues by running the shaft through the paddle, down into the heel. This technology allows goalkeepers to achieve optimal responsiveness and performance. Sher-Wood’s new SUPERLIGHT goalie sticks will come in 4 models, the SUPERLIGHT SL700, SUPERLIGHT SL750, SUPERLIGHT SL800 and SUPERLIGHT SL825. The model number on the SUPERLIGHT goalie stick indicates the weight of the stick in grams.

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