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Bauer Vapor APX Limited Edition Hockey Stick

Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to introduce you to the Limited Edition Bauer APX hockey stick! This bad boy has all the same specs and technologies as the original APX hockey stick, but with a blacked out color scheme. The large Bauer logo on the side of the shaft is in a bright pearl white, so it really stands out and looks sweet. The APX Limited Edition shaft has the popular TeXtreme® construction and Monocomp technology that makes this stick as lightweight and responsive as possible. The flex profile utilizes the premier dual taper for exceptional torsional deflection and shot control. The Vapor line’s signature Intelli-Sense shot technology provides for a “variable” flex point to allow for maximized loading for quick wrist and snap shots. The APX LE hockey stick comes in grip and non-grip, so be sure to pick one up at Ice Warehouse. Continue reading

12 Days of Savings

The holidays are here and so are the savings! From December 3rd ’til December 14th IW brings you the 12 Days of Savings. Here’s how it works: IW will post a new item on our 12 Days of Savings page at a deeply discounted price each day at noon PST. After the 14th we will keep all items on sale until December 31st or until they sell out.

The 12 Days of Savings

On the 1st Day of Savings, IW will give to thee: Continue reading

Goaltending Styles: Which One are You?

Goaltending has sure come a long way since the early days of hockey. The sport is more demanding, physically challenging and technology has pushed even the best players to continue improving. The main objective of a goaltender is simple, stop any pucks from entering the goal, thus keeping the opposing team from scoring. As simple as that may sound, goaltenders are constantly evolving their playing styles to stay competitive during the game. Goalie equipment continues to improve over time, getting lighter and more protective. These days, goaltenders have various styles of equipment to choose from depending on their playing style.

Standup goaltending is the oldest style of goaltending and has lost major popularity over the years. Standup goalies would make a majority of their saves standing up with their leg pads together and stick on the ice. As the name implies Standup Goalies would rarely go down partially because the lack of protection, especially for your head. Standup goalies relied on their outstanding reflexes and positioning but were highly susceptible to shots down low and lateral saves. Standup goalies would use kick saves to stop low shots and rely heavily on stick saves.

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