2013 Bauer Roller Hockey

West Coast v. East Coast or Roller Rink v. Ice Rink, any type of hockey player is able to experience Bauer’s quality performance. For 2013, Bauer redefines their roller hockey skates and adjusts the fit of their roller hockey pants.

Bauer Roller Hockey Skate – APX2R

The new APX2R roller hockey skate combines lightweight agility and superb grip! The quarter package is the same as the Vapor APX2 ice hockey skate, but Bauer maximize performance with the introduction of the new HI-LO Kryptonium Vanguard chassis, which rests on two 76mm and 80mm new Revision Variant Plus wheels. The chassis are precisely engineered to reduce overall weight and enhance a player’s acceleration. Revision’s Variant Plus wheels offer a blend of colors, which is sure to stand out and provide substantial grasp on the rink. Furthermore, the HI-LO Swiss LE 608 bearings will be equipped for endless wheel rotation and immense speed. Additionally, the Bauer Roller Hockey Skate line will consist of the X90R, X70R, X60R, X50R, and X40R. Therefore, hockey players can compete at any level and excel to improve their game!

Bauer Roller Hockey Pant – APXR

Bauer elevates their roller hockey pants with an adjustable fit system in the APXR, which primarily deals with a tapered leg control. Therefore, hockey players have a precise stretch-to-fit pant that snugly fits over shin guards. The APXR pant is designed to produce increasing comfort and maneuverability with the addition of segmented body channels. As a result, the APXR pant expands ventilation with lightweight nylons in the dynamic flex zones (front and rear panels), and boosts mobility with enhanced stretch lycra material through the inner groin region.

Additionally, Bauer contributes two more pants: X60R and X40R. The X60R pant utilizes an updated Velcro closure system; therefore, players can choose between a relaxed or tapered fit. The X40R pant is built for players who enjoy a comfortable traditional fit.

Bauer’s new roller gear will be available this Fall at Inlinewarehouse.com