2013 Mission Roller Hockey Gear

Mission Hockey

Mission is back at it again with an array of new gear being released.

Mission Inhaler Helmet

Mission took the Bauer 5100 helmet and redesigned it specifically for the inline hockey player with the fact that roller hockey rinks are on average 26 degrees hotter than ice rinks in mind.  Due to this, numerous ventilation ports in the front of the helmet and exiting air vents in the rear insure great airflow during the hottest of games. The other great inline-specific feature is the Hog Sweat Band. It is an easily removable sweatband that “pops” into two vent holes that can be seen in the interior of the liner. The Hog Sweat Band is not necessary to use so it can be taken out if desired, if it needs to be washed or even replaced. One of the best specs about the Mission Inhaler Helmet is that even though it may be roller specific, it is completely certified to be able to be used in any ice hockey league.

The Mission Stir D1 and D5 Roller Hockey Sticks

New Mission STIR-D1 Stick

Mission is diving back into the stick business once again with their new Mission Stir D1 and D5 hockey sticks. The Stir D1 is the premier stick out of this line up, featuring an Amped-Up Mid-Kick profile that is very similar to what is found in the Bauer Supreme Amplified Mid-Kick. The D1 has a great balance point due to the Aero Foam II blade core and 3k carbon composite shaft construction. The D1 allows a customer to choose between matte and gloss finish, as well as the PM9, P92 and P88 curves.

Mission Pro Series Customizable Protection

For 2013, Mission updated and added to their roller hockey protective lines. The Pro Series of Compression Shirt and Compression Girdle are the most intriguing of the new releases.

The Pro Compression Shirt looks like a hybrid of a low-profile shoulder pad and compression shirt. The customization includes individually removable shoulder caps and bicep guards; meaning you can wear caps and bicep guards, just caps, just bicep guards or none of the above. The shoulder caps are not very large; they are a low-profile cap geared for roller hockey.  The Vent Armor foam that is very protective as well as breathable protects the chest and back areas. The shirt liner uses the premier Thermo Max+ lining for its soft touch and excellent moisture wicking abilities.

The Pro Compression Girdle is similar in style and customization to the Pro Compression Shirt. It has removable thigh guards with protective and perforated Vent Armor foams. The kidney and tailbone pads are high-density foams but are also customizable like the thigh guards.

Mission Elite Compression Protection

The Elite Protective line is essentially a toned down version of the Pro Compression Line. The Relaxed Compression Shirt uses the same structure as the Pro Shirt, but uses lighter density foams and does not include the bicep guards or shoulder caps. The Elite Relaxed Compression Girdle again is a lightened up version of the Pro Compression Girdle. It has a slightly looser fit, but uses perforated Vent Armor that is very protective and breathable.

Look for all of these new Mission products to be out in the Fall at InlineWarehouse.com