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Product Review: Warrior Remix LTD EDT “Circa NHL” Hockey Gloves

Warrior is back at it, bringing back the old school.  The Remix Limited Edition gloves feature a vintage look with six classic NHL team color ways with the year they were brought into the league.  They feature the Chicago Blackhawks Circa 1926, Los Angeles Kings Circa 1967, Minnesota North Stars Circa 1967, Hartford Whalers Circa 1979, Colorado Rockies Circa 1976, and the Quebec Nordiques Circa 1972.  The gloves also feature the teams city and logo on the outside of the glove running down the pinky finger.

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Sneak Peek: Revision Variant Plus Roller Hockey Wheels

A couple of the guys from the IW crew went to the Let’s Play Hockey convention a couple weeks ago to check out some new equipment and the Revision Variant Plus roller hockey wheels caught their eye.  So let’s take a sneak peek!

Revision has made some great improvements based around the original Variants making the Variant Plus wheel a top performer out on the rink.  Revision used a new and improved urethane on the outside of the wheel making them the fastest wheel on the market without sacrificing any durability.  At the Narch Pro Skills Competition, the fastest skater and runner-up were both flying around on the Revision Variant Plus wheels.  The Variant Plus went forward with the Torus Technology providing you with both maximum grip and speed with the different layers of urethane.  Revision improved the Torus Technology by designing a new and cleaner shape giving you more of a maintained roll and wheel flex control with your stops and cuts.  The inner Torus ring is made out of a higher rebound material than the original Variant wheels giving you even quicker starts, stops, and  turns.

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U Foam: It’s Crazy Light, It Protects, and It Stays Crazy Light

U Foam is a proprietary blend blend of materials formed using a unique process, enabling the designers at CCM Hockey to build a product that remains lightweight but performs at the highest level.  U Foam is used on all of the Crazy Light protective gear.

The U Foam features game changing technologies and a new construction that no longer necessitates traditional plastic inserts and caps.  The U Foam actually absorbs impacts better than the traditional foams with plastic inserts.  This is going to make the pads much lighter and give you a greater range of motion.  If you were to put on the Crazy Light shoulder pads,Crazy Light elbow pads, Crazy Light pants, and Crazy Light shin guards you would reduce the weight of your gear by approximately 4 pounds!

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