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Much like the Joker from The Dark Knight, not much is know about current goalie buyer Dan Shuter before he came to work at IW. He also likes to smile :)

The Bauer Supreme 1S Goal Skates or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Design

article-2029360-0D8C0AD100000578-182_634x613Tinkering with a beloved design is a potentially dangerous affair. Make too many changes and you might alienate some of your customers… Make too few and it may seem like a cash grab. With the Bauer Supreme 1S goalie skates, every change that Bauer has made is an improvement upon the already excellent Supreme line.

The most obvious difference between last year’s NXG and the 1S is the removal of the VERTEX 2.0 cowling in favor of the VERTEXX EDGE holder. While useful in the past, the cowling is an outdated feature for today’s goaltender. The only part of the skate that really needs reinforcement is the toe, and thankfully the 1S fully accommodates that need in the beefed up toe cap. The removal of the cowling serves many purposes, not the least of which is giving an increased attack angle. The VERTEXX EDGE holder sits 5mm higher than the NXG’s 2.0, which when combined with the removal of the protruding aspect of the cowling, gives a 10% sharper attack angle. The NXG already had the best attack angle on the market, so a 10% increase pushes the envelope even further. With this increased attack angle goalies get stronger lateral pushes and a faster recovery from their butterfly slides, giving a dramatic improvement in performance.


VERTEXX EDGE holder gives a 10% sharper attack angle for stronger pushes & faster recovery.

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NHL Playoff Goalie Ranking and Gear Breakdown

With the first round of the playoffs over, goaltending has once again been the most important factor in determining who goes on and who goes golfing. Let’s take an objective look at the top 5 starting goaltenders and I will attempt to rank them based on their career statistics and current play, while also highlighting some of the gear they wear.

Honorable mention: Jonas Hiller


Hiller has always been a good goaltender whom, despite posting a very solid .917 SV% in 350 starts, has managed to fly under the radar. Hiller has been dominant in his limited postseason experience, posting a .932 SV% in 32 games played. As a goalie who spends 99% of the game in the butterfly position, every team should follow the lame advice that Eddy Olczyk spews ad nauseam, and “elevate the puck”!  Continue reading