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Sherwood Rekker EK60: A love story

Love is a mysterious and beautiful thing. It can cause wounds to heal and nations to take up in arms. Men and women have died, all in the name of love. It can also make you bardownski, top cheddar, and nip corners like none other.

Hockey players all have their favorite twig. The shape of the shaft, curves of the blade, and weight of the stick all make up what different players find attractive. It may take awhile to find the one; but when that happens its true love between player and twig.

I am a forward by nature and love that low kick to give me a quick release. Also, I really like a stick with a lightweight feel, so that it is almost effortless to dangle defenders and goalies alike. For those slick sauces and sizzling snipes, my go to curve is the P88, or Kane curve.

Took me 20 years to find, but I have been fortunate to discover such a love. I have used almost every top of the line stick on the market from big names like Bauer, CCM, Easton, and Warrior. However, they never fully satisfied me. There never was really any spark or passionate connection. Don’t get me wrong they all make great sticks, but just not for me.

Twas by chance that I met her. I told my brother, who worked for IW at the time, to hook me up the best twig on the market. He then presented me with what would be the best thing has or would ever happen to my hockey career: The Sherwood Rekker EK60. She wasn’t the prettiest of sticks, but it’s what’s inside that truly counts.

Once I got to know her, her flex point, and general feel, I fell in love. Not only is the EK60 the lightest stick on the market (385 grams), but the biggest bang for your buck. While other top of the line sticks at priced at nearly $300, Sherwood offers the EK60 Rekker at about $200. Not only does she win you games, but also saves money.Containing graphene, the EK60 is one the strongest sticks out there today. Graphene is known to be 200 times stronger than steel and thus makes her strong in will as well as durable. 

She and I have been together for the longest relationship I have had with a stick in a while: about a year. Usually I break sticks every 6-8 months. I have never been happier with any other stick. The EK60 is definitely a great buy and will make you fall in love.



rs-1For all those who play both roller and ice hockey, transitioning between one and the other is a challenge. Everything from skating to the feel of the puck is radical different. Bauer has attempted to bridge the gap with the Bauer Slivvver Roller Hockey Puck.

Most sticks are designed for shooting and handling ice pucks, so roller player may not completely benefit from the amount of potential energy stored in the shaft.

Traditional ice pucks weight about 6 oz, while roller pucks weight about 3.5 oz. The Slivvver clocks in at about 4.4 oz. So you will get the best of both world when it comes to Bauer’s new puck. The heavier design will prevent the puck rolling on its edge as well as bouncing, a common occurrence in roller.

Recently the collegiate roller hockey league, the NCRHA, has made the Bauer Slivvver the official puck of the league. So far there has been a lot of positive comments regarding the pucks coming from the league.

rs-2“These pucks are pretty rad. They feel kinda like ice pucks which I kinda miss when I’m playing roller,” says Alex Waddel a D1 player for Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

Overall, these pucks are pretty solid and give roller players more of an ice puck feel. The Bauer Slivvver comes in both red and black. Check them out at both Inline & Ice Warehouse!