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Winter Classic Bauer Goalie Gear

The NHL Winter Classic gives teams a great opportunity to honor their past and traditions by bringing back some of their iconic looks. We also get to see players rock some nice throwback gear, but goalies in particular really get to take that classic look to the next level with some vintage designs & custom colors.Last month, I got to go to Bauer World, Bauer’s annual sales expo. In addition to seeing some incredible new gear that will hit stores in April, we got a sneak peek at the Bauer Goalie gear that the Bauer-sponsored goalies will be wearing in their outdoor games this year!

First off is a pad that we actually won’t see because this goaltender retired earlier this year. Martin Biron had these Retro Reactor pads made up for the Stadium Series matchup that’s being held at Yankee Stadium. This one will be a fan favorite of the guys that like an old-school pad. It has a super traditional look and even has the leg straps going through the face of the pad.

Biron's Winter Classic Pads

Now for a pad that will actually be seen in the Rangers game, we have Lundqvist’s set. Lundqvist went with the sock design. The sock graphic has become more and more popular lately and I think it has its own kind of retro look to it. As expected, the Bauer Supreme poster-boy will be rocking the latest Supreme pads as the Rangers take on the Devils.We also saw this interesting strapping design on the back of Lundqvist’s set. It appears his testing out a very simplistic design of a nylon Velcro strap. We’ll have to wait and see if this drops down to some of their stock pads in the future.

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Goalie FAQ Pt. 1

What does the +1” mean on a leg pad? Does that just mean a 34”+1” is actually a 35” pad?

Vaughn Velocity V5 Pads

The simple answer is no.  When you’re trying to determine your pad size you collect three measurements; your skate size, your ankle to knee measurement, and your thigh rise (roughly half way up your thigh).  As an example, let’s say you wear a size 10.0 skate, have a 16” ankle to knee measurement and half way up your thigh is 7”. Add all of those together and you get 33”. Now plus sizing comes into play. Most pads nowadays will have +1 sizing as the standard, so you would get a 33+1 pad. That would give you the best fit (your knee lands perfect in the knee stack), but with an additional inch at the top of the pad for five hole coverage. A 34” pad would be an inch too tall at the knee stack, so it throws off the fit a little bit.

Why does my 25” Reebok stick have a taller paddle than my 26.5” Bauer stick?

The simple answer is that each company measures the paddle a different way. The method we’ve adopted to provide the consumer with a universal measurement is measuring from the handle to the point of contact with the playing surface. Some companies measure to the point where the blade starts to curve, some measure starting at the bottom of the handle, and some other variations.

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Mission Axiom G7 Goalie Skate

Mission has been a leading force in the roller hockey industry for a while now. They saw the lack in roller hockey skates specifically designed for goalies and saw this as an opportunity to revolutionize the roller hockey goalie skate. With the introduction of Axiom G7 Goalie Skate, they have done just that!

Mission Axiom G7 Goalie Skates

When you see the Axiom G7 Goal Skate, it is obvious that Mission took a lot of time researching and developing the skate. Mission worked with several goalies to make a skate that  would conform to the roller hockey goalies style. The first and most noticeable innovation seen on this skate is the FrontLoad Chassis Technology. It may look like the skate is missing a wheel, but Mission purposely left this wheelout for a couple different reasons. First off, this gap provides an area for goalies to put their straps without getting caught in their wheels. More importantly, the FrontLoad Chassis Technology allows goalies to be more on the balls of their feet. In roller hockey, it is quite difficult to slide across the crease, so roller hockey goalies need to almost jump across their net and being on the balls of your feet makes this movement much easier.

The Axiom Goalie Skate sits on top of four 59mm Rink Rat Crossbar Goalie Wheels (XXX Grip 76A) with Mission ABEC 5 608 Bearings. Mission tested with both the 47mm and the 59mm wheel sizes, but goalies preferred the 59mm so Mission went with the popular vote. On the interior of these skates Mission has used their sublimated “Mission Haze” brushed nylon with foam pads in the ankle to make this skate incredibly comfortable. Cosmetically, they have designed this skate to fit right in with the rest of the Axiom line up so your getting an awesome looking skate.

The Mission Axiom G7 Goalie Skate is available for pre-sale now at and is scheduled to arrive in mid September.

Click here to order your Axiom Goalie Skate right now!

Team InlineWarehouse Wins Narch Gold

We just came home from winning the Men’s Gold Division at Narch Finals. Our team is comprised of 5 IW employees; the Chaloupka brothers, Charan Faucett, Matt Ward and myself. We also have three D1 Cal Poly roller hockey players; Brian Costello, Charlie Delkeskamp, and Kevin Middlekauf. To complete the roster, we have Josh Print (not pictured), former D1 ice hockey player at Air Force Academy.

Through pool play we went 3-1, dropping only one game to the eventual Silver medalists. We went on to play our first playoff game against the Patriots, winning by a score of 5-2.  We went into the semifinals as the lower seed facing off against the Hustlers from Ontatio, Canada. After one period, we were down 1-3 with the lone goal coming from Matt “Che” Ward. We proved to be resilient, with goals from Steven Chaloupka and Josh Print in the final period we tied the game and sent it into overtime. I had a few key saves in overtime for our team before Kevin Middlekauf became the overtime hero with a rebound goal. The overtime victory in the semifinals set up the rematch against a tough Nor Cal Riot team that beat us 5-1 in pool play.

After losing Josh Print to work obligations and Charan Faucett to a broken foot in pool play, we were left with only 6 players in the championship game.  Charlie Delkeskamp picked up the slack defensively for us and helped hold the Riot scoreless after the first. A solid performance by the Riot goalie left the score 0-0 after one period. With about 3 minutes left in the final period, Mike Chaloupka won a key power-play faceoff back to Brian Costello who ripped a slap shot past the Riot goalie to give us the first lead of the game. In the final minute of the game, Brian Costello was able to slap a sloppy clearing attempt out of the air and put it past the Riot goalie, who was on his way to the bench for the extra attacker. This clinched the Men’s Gold title for Team IW!!!

Josh Print earned the Top Scorer honors for the tournament, with 11 goals and 5 assists, despite missing the final game.

Pool Play

6-1 W vs. The Happy Campers

5-3 W vs. The Frenchies

1-5 L vs. Nor Cal Riot

4-1 W vs. East Bay Hockey Club


5-2 W vs. Patriots


4-3 OT W vs. Hustlers


2-0 W vs. Nor Cal Riot

Warrior Goalie Gear

I got a chance to talk with Warrior’s Hockey Product Manager, Keith Perera, about Warrior’s first line of goalie gear. They will be coming out with two product lines called the Messiah and the Swagger. Warrior has put a lot of effort into their goalie line knowing that they really have one shot to prove to goalies that they belong in the market.

Although Warrior is new to the goalie market, they have a lot of expertise in the field. Their design team has past experience with other elite goalie companies including Eagle and Vaughn, and they have had many elite level goalies testing their products to give feedback. Warrior is ready to be a contender in the goalie market.

The Messiah line, which is Warrior’s pro level line will be available through IW by request only, but IW will be carrying the Swagger line.

Swagger Leg Pads

The Swagger leg pads have an inner foam core that uses Zotefoam™ components, which is going to provide a lot of protection that will not compress over time. To provide a high level of durability Warrior has used some sublimated Tuff Tech material. In addition to the durability, the Tuff Tech material doesn’t retain water which helps maintain a super lightweight feel. On the back side of the pad, Warrior has used a Nash leather in the leg channel to help with durability as well as provide a comfortable fit. On the inner side of the pad, Warrior has used a strip of HD foam which allows the pad to lay flush on the rink as well as hold its shape over time. With all the technology that has gone into this pad, it is perfect for a butterfly style goalie because the pad uses the players body weight to keep the pad from rotating when on the rink. These pads have an estimated retail price of $649.99

Swagger Catch Glove

The Swagger catch glove will provide an elite level of protection with a quick break-in design, which means the glove is game-ready right out the package. The glove uses a Clarino synthetic leather liner to provide a comfortable fit as well as an Antimicrobial V-Tek™ liner to wick away moisture. The Swagger catch glove offers a large thumb box with an adjustable strap to allow  for a more customizable fit and full thumb protection. The Swagger catcher uses multi-flex backhand protection to provide full coverage of the hand. The estimated retail price of the Swagger catch glove is $199.99.

Swagger Blocker

The Swagger blocker uses a flared design at the top and bottom of the blocker to allow for easier rebound control and an improved paddle-down position. This blocker offers an adjustable side board for maximum surface coverage while still staying within sizing regulations. Warrior uses a backhand saddle design on this blocker to reduce rotation on the hand and provide optimum positioning. The Swagger blocker uses a 3-D mesh in the fingers for breathability as well as an antimicrobial V-Tek™ liner to help wick away moisture. The palm of the Swagger blocker features a padded Smart Palm which dampens vibration impact as well allow for a firm grip of the stick. This blocker’s estimated retail price is $149.99.

The Swagger goal pants use molded Zotefoam™ which allows for less foam to be used because the Zotefoam™ is so durable and strong. This smaller amount of foam allows for the pants to be more form fitting which makes the pants feel very lightweight. The Swagger goal pants use a high-strength poly-weave material in the high impact areas for added durability. Warrior has used the same antimicrobial V-Teck™ liner as the catch glove and blocker which wicks moisture away from the body. These pants use a stretchable mesh in the inner leg as well as the back side for added flexibility. The Swagger goal pants use a 420-denier nylon shell to provide a high level of durability. The Swagger goal pants have an estimated retail price of $139.99.

After seeing all of Warrior’s advancements in the player market, it is great to see them jumping into the goalie market. Look for the Warrior goalie line here at Inline Warehouse and Ice Warehouse.