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Goaltending Equipment: Cleaning, Maintenance & Repair

Having a solid routine is key for extending the life of your goalie gear and ensures you’re safely protected throughout the game.

Increase Your Gear's Longevity

Goalie Chest Protectors and pants should be hand washed with a mild detergent using cold water. Do not submerge any item underwater, because the gear will not be able to dry properly allowing bacteria and mildew to form in the moist areas. Instead, lightly scrub the items using a sponge, rinsing thoroughly to ensure all of the detergent is rinsed out. Washing machines are not recommended because this can cause premature separation of materials and protective foams reducing protection and life expectancy. Waterproofing treatments such as Scotchguard can be used on your chest protector and goalie pants to help repel moisture and helps keep gear cleaner longer. When using waterproofing spray, make sure you test a small area and make sure you are not allergic to the chemical spray. Continue reading

Final Cup Goaltenders Face Off

As the 2013 Stanley Cup championship rolls closer to the end, I wanted to briefly highlight and compare the final two Cup goaltenders, Tuukka Rask of the Boston Bruins and Corey Crawford of the Chicago Blackhawks. Rask and Crawford come to the playoffs with two vastly different playing styles proving that both styles of play are extremely effective. Crawford’s stereotypical butterfly style goaltending primarily focuses on form and positioning, consistently dropping down into the butterfly position as the primary line of defense. Rask’s hybrid style of

play however is more reactive, making a majority of saves from the goaltenders athletic talent, quickness and mobility. Differences in goalie gear and more specifically the goalie leg pads clearly define the goaltenders playing style. Crawford’s Reebok Premier goalie pads are designed specifically for butterfly goalies, providing a large flat-faced design and stiffer construction ensuring maximum coverage. Rask’s Vaughn Velocity hybrid pads features a dramatically softer construction with multiple breaks throughout the internal construction ensuring maximum flexibility and mobility.

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Vaughn Ventus Goalie Equipment

Vaughn is known for their impressive hockey goalie gear and their protective works of art can be seen on goaltenders of all ages and playing levels. Vaughn is one of the top manufacturers of goalie equipment in the world and can be seen on elite NHL goaltenders like Jonathan Quick, Tuukka Rask and Antti Niemi just to name a few. The newly released Vaughn Ventus line of goalie pads offer excellent protection and offer some unique features that are designed to maximize your goaltending game play.

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CCM Extreme Flex Goalie Equipment

If you watch hockey, no not youth and intermediate, but NHL hockey and more specifically the goalies and their goalie equipment then you’ve probably noticed quite a few goaltenders sporting the new CCM Extreme Flex gear. The new Extreme Flex goalie pads are designed to offer more flexibility then the Reebok Premier line as well as softer overall design. The CCM Extreme Flex gear is built for athletic goaltenders that make a majority of saves from quick reactive movements. The legendary Lefevre family developed the new CCM line of goalie equipment with the help from goaltender Carey Price, ensuring top-notch quality, materials and protection. CCM’s new line includes goalie masks, goalie gloves and blockers, leg pads and goalie sticks.

With over 2,600 hours of design, testing and engineering the Extreme Flex Pro pads are sure to be a hit. Lets take a closer look.

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Bauer Reactor 2013 Preview

The long anticipated Bauer Reactor Goalie equipment is finally here! Starting April 15th, Bauer’s all new Reactor goalie gear will become available. The original Bauer Reactor line was launched in 1994, setting a new standard for goaltending equipment by providing innovative, functional and protective gear. The Reactor line created the foundation for many of the goalie gear products seen on the market today.

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Player of the Day – Viktor Fasth – 2/11/13

Anaheim Duck’s goaltender Viktor Fasth is off to an impressive start, nabbing his first shutout after just three games in the NHL. Fasth stopped 31 shots allowing the Ducks to win over the Avalanche with a 3-0 game. Fasth was signed as a free agent in the close of the season, making an effortless transition from the Swedish Elite League to the NHL. Now with a 5-0 record, Viktor Fasth is the first goalie in eight years to win his first five starts, two of the wins coming from overtime shootouts.

Let’s take a closer look at what gear makes our Goalie of the Day so impressively Fasth and accurate!
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Mission SLYDE Goalie pads

The new Mission SLYDE Goalie Leg Pads are finally available and come with innovative Pro-Rated performance enhancing technology.  Roller hockey goalies have always been at somewhat of a disadvantage because of surface friction, limiting leg pad slide across the crease. Roller goalies naturally adapted by learning to hop laterally across the crease but this leaves them more susceptible to lower shots. The Mission SLYDE leg pads improve a goaltenders lateral side-to-side movements and mobility by placing strategically positioned slide bars in areas of amplified resistance. With this new technology, roller hockey goaltenders will be able to slide across the crease using conventional ice hockey moves. Continue reading

NHL Goalies playing overseas?

With the NHL lockout still underway you may be wondering what the players and more specifically the goaltenders are up too. Many of the NHL goaltenders we’ve come to love and idolize are now showing off their amazing skills overseas for teams I can barely pronounce and in leagues some of us have never even heard of. Some of these leagues include the KHL, ESBG, DEL, Czech Extraliga, and SM-Liiga.

Goaltenders currently playing in Russia’s (KHL) Kontinental Hockey League are Anton Khudobin of the Boston Bruins now playing for the Atlant Moscow Oblast, Semyon Varlamov of the Colorado Avalanche now with HC Lokomotiv, Ilya Bryzgalov of the Philadelphia Flyers is now playing with CSKA, Niklas Backstrom of the Minnesota Wild is now with HC Dinamo Minsk, Sergei Bobrovsky of the Columbus Blue Jackets is with SKA St. Petersburg, and Pekka Rinne of the Nashville Predators is with the HC Dinamo Minsk. Continue reading

Goaltending Styles: Which One are You?

Goaltending has sure come a long way since the early days of hockey. The sport is more demanding, physically challenging and technology has pushed even the best players to continue improving. The main objective of a goaltender is simple, stop any pucks from entering the goal, thus keeping the opposing team from scoring. As simple as that may sound, goaltenders are constantly evolving their playing styles to stay competitive during the game. Goalie equipment continues to improve over time, getting lighter and more protective. These days, goaltenders have various styles of equipment to choose from depending on their playing style.

Standup goaltending is the oldest style of goaltending and has lost major popularity over the years. Standup goalies would make a majority of their saves standing up with their leg pads together and stick on the ice. As the name implies Standup Goalies would rarely go down partially because the lack of protection, especially for your head. Standup goalies relied on their outstanding reflexes and positioning but were highly susceptible to shots down low and lateral saves. Standup goalies would use kick saves to stop low shots and rely heavily on stick saves.

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Sneak Peak: Sherwood SUPERLIGHT Goalie Sticks

Sher-Wood’s releasing a new line of goalie sticks this December called the SUPERLIGHT. The new SUPERLIGHT goalie sticks offer innovative features combined with hybrid technology and lightweight materials including high modulus carbon fiber. Sher-Wood’s SUPERLIGHT goalie sticks have a new thin blade design that significantly improves the goaltenders feel for the puck and the addition feel improves a goalies game around the net. A common problem with composite sticks is that they sometimes become soft in the paddle portion of the stick. Sher-Wood addresses these issues by running the shaft through the paddle, down into the heel. This technology allows goalkeepers to achieve optimal responsiveness and performance. Sher-Wood’s new SUPERLIGHT goalie sticks will come in 4 models, the SUPERLIGHT SL700, SUPERLIGHT SL750, SUPERLIGHT SL800 and SUPERLIGHT SL825. The model number on the SUPERLIGHT goalie stick indicates the weight of the stick in grams.

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