Bauer Re-Akt Helmet Review

“Every action has a Re-Aktion” is Bauer’s new motto for their new helmet for 2012, the Re-Akt. No numbers in it’s name for this guy because this one is all about advancing protection in the helmet game. Bauer took a look at every possible angle for protection with this one and developed a new helmet that aims to tackle one overlooked issue, as well as others, when it comes to head injuries, rotational force.

Lets take a look at some of the key features of the new Re-Akt helmet:

Suspend-Tech Liner

The new liner is a true, free-floating, suspension liner that uses Bauer’s already proven PORON XRD Technology which will offer enhanced protection and maximum comfort. The new liner is shown in the highlighted area in the picture below.

Suspend-Tech Liner (highlighted in yellow/black)

Rotational Force Management

During an impact, the Suspend-Tech Liner moves independently from the Vertex Foam liner in the helmet which helps protect your brain from crippling intra-cranial movement. This allows the helmet to move on its own while having your head stay in place, separate from the helmet to prevent injuries. See diagram shown below.

Helmet displacement during impact.

Central Tool-Free Adjustment

Bauer loves their tool free adjustments but what is new for the Re-Akt is the adjustments have been moved from the sides like on the 9900, 7500, etc. to the top of the helmet. This frees up much needed space on the sides to increase protection. By moving the adjustments, the Re-Akt helmet becomes narrower and sleeker similar to the HH4500 for which the pro design is inspired from. Plus it is now just a single latch that you flip up instead of the two tabs that were required before.

Bauer's new tool-free adjustment

Overall Design

The Bauer Re-Akt helmet is a two-piece design similar to what we see in the rest of their helmet line-up. Bauer likes this design because it allows the helmet to adjust to various head sizes and offer a better fit. Inside you will find the Vertex Foam Liner which is the main impact management protection and Bauer says is significantly lighter than traditional EPP foam of the same density. This along with the Suspend-Tech Liner provide superior head and brain protection during impact. Also along with the new adjustment latch, that has been moved to the top of the helmet, there is the new Occipital Lock 3.0. This adjustment feature aims to stabilize and lock the back of the head into place, similar to what the Giro System aims to do on the Easton E700 helmet. Along with memory foam temple pads (shown below), the foam and pads inside are treated with Microban antibacterial protection to resist mildew and odors. Ample ventilation ports throughout increase airflow.

Bauer Re-Akt helmet other key features

The Bauer Re-Akt helmet is set for a Spring launch this year alongside all of their new 2012 equipment. Be sure to stay connected with and for availability. Also be sure to “like” us on facebook to stay up to date on releases and giveaways.