Bauer Reactor 2013 Preview

The long anticipated Bauer Reactor Goalie equipment is finally here! Starting April 15th, Bauer’s all new Reactor goalie gear will become available. The original Bauer Reactor line was launched in 1994, setting a new standard for goaltending equipment by providing innovative, functional and protective gear. The Reactor line created the foundation for many of the goalie gear products seen on the market today.

The newly designed Bauer Reactor line is stylish, lightweight and protective, perfect for today’s goaltending playing styles. The new Bauer Reactor goalie equipment is geared toward goaltenders that tend to play more aggressive and are quick to challenge the shooter in an attempt to make the save. A handful of NHL goalies can be seen wearing the new gear including  goaltender Ilya Bryzgalov.

The Reactor pads will be offered in three different models for the US including the Reactor 2000, Reactor 4000 and the Reactor 6000. The Reactor line includes goalie leg pads, goalie catcher and blocker, goalie ice skates, goalie sticks and accessories like the Reactor clavicle protector, knee guard and goalie jock/jill. Along with the Reactor goalie gear, Bauer will be releasing their brand new line of Concept goalie masks.

Let’s take a closer look:

The Bauer Reactor pads are designed for the hybrid / battlefly style goaltender because of the flexible-lightweight design.The Bauer Reactor goalie pads feature a lightweight Pro core insert, triangle outside roll, quick release thigh & knee straps and NHL legal under-pant thigh protector. The Bauer Reactor knee cradle setup is slightly different on the Reactor 6000 because the knee cradle is sew in, instead of using their (AKL) Adjustable Knee Lock system like the Reactor 2000 & 4000 models.

The Bauer Reactor goalie catcher features lightweight construction, awesome new Reactor design, skate laced single T pocket design on the 4000/6000 models, full hand closure and free flex cuff for excellent mobility.

The Reactor goalie blocker features Bauer’s maximum coverage side hand protection and

soft Nash palm with extra layer of reinforcement on the 4000/6000 models.

Bauer’s new top of the line Reactor 6000 ice hockey goalie skates feature an ultra thick pro felt tongue with extended length and padded high density metatarsal guard, a 3D anaformable boot, redesigned ankle collar and extra padding under the foot bed. The Bauer Reactor goalie skates will also feature an improved reinforced VERTEXX cowling, super-strong 4mm removable stainless steel runner and hydrophobic Clarino synthetic liner.

Bauer’s new composite Reactor goalie sticks offer similar technology and materials as the Reflex and Totalone lines with the main visual difference being the slick updated Reactor graphics. The Bauer Reactor Goalie Stick will of course be replacing the Reflex family of goalie sticks.

Last but not least I wanted to highlight Bauer’s all new Concept goalie masks. Two models are available, the top of the line Concept C1 and Concept C2. The Concept C1 goalie mask provides pro level protection thanks to some really impressive technologies. NHL goaltender JamesReimer of the Toronto Maples Leaves recently started using Bauer’s impressive new C1 mask. The C1 mask features an ultra lightweight carbon fiber shell with a reinforced outer TeXtreme® layer. TeXtreme® technology is exclusive to Bauer, weighing 20% less than conventional carbon without sacrificing strength. The liner on the C1 is a mechanically attached SUSPEND-TECH liner with PORON® XRD™ foam closest to the face for enhanced protection and max comfort. The cage on the C1 is constructed from ultra light titanium oval wire, available in certified straight bar and non-certified cat eye cages. The cage on the C1 and C2 masks come with new (SAW) shock absorbing wire clip system. SAW technology improves impact absorption and reduces cage denting.

Additional information on the new Bauer Reactor goalie equipment line will be available online April 15, 2013 at Inline and Ice Warehouse.

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