Bauer Tuuk Lightspeed Edge Holder

Blade Quick Release Feature

Every single second is critical in a hockey game. If you’re sidelined trying to replace a skate runner, think of how many moments you miss. These are opportunities that could make you the hero, but instead you’re helpless on the bench. No longer. With the introduction of the Bauer Vapor APX 2 skates, Bauer unveiled the TUUK Lightspeed Edge Holder. The new holder upgrades the traditional Tuuk Lightspeed 2 Holders and brings the skate to a whole new level. The new blade quick release feature on the holder is one such upgrade.

Before we go any further, I need to address an alleged issue. When Bauer launched the new Vapor skate line earlier this year, rumors circled that the quick-release Edge Holders made the blades more prone to falling out. A couple of highly noticeable televised instances of the runner falling off Bauer skates at a crucial time in the Stanley playoffs sparked questions of durability. The public immediately began to claim that the quick release feature released the runner too easily. Bauer investigated and found that none of the players were using the Edge holders on their skates.

“As we all know, steel breakage, especially at the most elite level, is a reality and if anything, these recent incidents have only reinforced the benefit of replacing steel within seconds, which is exactly why we developed the Lightspeed Edge holder.  During this year’s playoffs, more than 30 players have been wearing the Lightspeed Edge Holder […] and as we fully expected from our rigorous testing and validation process, there have been no issues to date. […] NHL equipment managers continue to see the competitive advantage of the ability to replace steel in a matter of seconds, especially in the playoffs when literally every second matters.”

-Bauer Hockey


The trigger is located near the rear post and allows you to change your steel in seconds. The runner comes with an additional tool, if needed. If your steel breaks or if you simply want fresh & sharp runners, the Lightspeed Edge 2 is perfect. Also if you’ve played travel hockey, you know that each rink has a different ice hardness. The Edge holder allows you to have different sharpened runners ready, so that you always have the advantage wherever you play.  In addition to the quick-release, Bauer made the runner sit 3MM higher than previous models. While this may not seem like much, it allows for a 7% shorter turning radius. Raising the height gives you more room between the ice and your skate while you’re turning, which allows you to turn at a sharper angle.

You can find all of these runners on the X60, X60 LEX70, X80, X90, X100, X100 LE, and APX2 ice hockey skates from the new Bauer Vapor Line. Additionally, the Lightspeed Edge Holders are also available in black. You can find replacement runners online as well.

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