Bauer Vapor APX 2 Hockey Stick

Back in 2011, Bauer released their new line of Vapor sticks that featured the top of the line Vapor APX stick: the successor to the ever so popular Vapor X60. This APX did quite well, especially at the professional level offering the quickest shot release out of the Nexus, Vapor and Supreme stick families. Bauer now looks to further this success with the introduction of the newest Vapor stick line that will showcase the Vapor APX 2 as the flagship model.


Compared to its predecessor, the APX 2 will have a much darker look while still carrying the red, black and white color scheme. I personally like the look of the APX 2 more, especially since it closely resembles the blacked out Limited Edition APX. The metallic red on top is a nice contrast to the matte black near the bottom portion of the stick. Overall, Bauer continued the aggressive, but not over-the-top graphics in the Vapor series.

Bauer Vapor APX2 Hockey Stick

Bauer Vapor APX LE Hockey Stick

New Technology

The big upgrade on the Bauer Vapor APX 2 Hockey Stick is in the internal blade construction. New to any Bauer stick is the Aero-Sense Blade Core, which features the all-new Aero Foam 3 core technology.  The first and most noticeable difference is that the new blade provides players with an improved, balanced feel compared to the old APX. Bauer was able to raise the balance point by saving weight in the blade with the new Aero Foam 3 core technology; all without sacrificing strength, rigidity and durability. The strength and rigidity are monumental to the success of the Bauer APX 2 because without it, the blade opens up on big shots which decreases velocity and accuracy. The new Aero-Sense foam also boasts great vibration dampening properties that gives players an improved puck feel for catching passes as well as stick handling.

Evander Kane with his Bauer Vapor APX2 Stick


Out of all the Bauer stick families (Vapor, Nexus and Supreme), the Vapor and the Supreme have been my favorite to use. The thing that stands out to me about the APX 2 is how evenly balanced Bauer was able to make it while offering a real solid feel as well. Some flagship sticks on the market have a thin or almost weak feel even when you’re just taking one off of the shelf to flex, but the APX2 has a true durable, solid feel through and through. I’ve always really liked the shaft dimensions on the Vapor line which are slightly thinner than the Supreme or Nexus lines, featuring double concave side walls for a contouring grip.

Bauer will be offering the X100, X90, X80 and X70 to complete the rest of the Vapor Stick Line. The whole line will be available at Ice Warehouse & Inline Warehouse in September.

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