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A Visit to Easton Headquarters

Hey what’s up guys, this is your newest web editor at Inline and Ice Warehouse Chase. I took a trip to Easton Headquarters last Friday to get an inside look at the RS II stick line. Upon arriving, I got to see first hand that the Easton staff literally eat, sleep and breathe hockey; I was honestly a little jealous but I can’t complain one bit working here at IW. Product Manager Mike Mountain ran me through the ins-n-outs of the RS II stick line, dissecting each and every piece of their design. His expertise and comprehensive knowledge made for a far more than an eye-opening experience.

Since I first started playing the great game of hockey, I have always used an Easton shaft or stick.  From the Ultra Lite Shaft, the Z-Bubble shaft, the first generation Synergy one-piece, the first generation Stealth one-piece, the S19 one-piece to today’s Mako one-piece; Easton has been held by my gloves for the 10+ years I’ve been playing. Continue reading

U Foam: It’s Crazy Light, It Protects, and It Stays Crazy Light

U Foam is a proprietary blend blend of materials formed using a unique process, enabling the designers at CCM Hockey to build a product that remains lightweight but performs at the highest level.  U Foam is used on all of the Crazy Light protective gear.

The U Foam features game changing technologies and a new construction that no longer necessitates traditional plastic inserts and caps.  The U Foam actually absorbs impacts better than the traditional foams with plastic inserts.  This is going to make the pads much lighter and give you a greater range of motion.  If you were to put on the Crazy Light shoulder pads,Crazy Light elbow pads, Crazy Light pants, and Crazy Light shin guards you would reduce the weight of your gear by approximately 4 pounds!

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Shockbox: Smart Sensors. Smart Sport.

Designed by Impakt Protective, the Shockbox takes on one of the most challenging aspects of the game today: concussions. The question is, “as a trainer, coach or parent – how do you know when a player has suffered a concussion?” The Shockbox is the answer.

The Shockbox fits onto the top of the helmet through high bonding adhesive tape. Following impact, Shockbox Sensor measures the force of the impact and sends the data immediately via Bluetooth to a connected smartphone. The software then displays a visual analysis of the impact including the probability that an injury occurred. From this data, trainers, coaches and parents can accurately judge the severity of a hit and if necessary, adhere to concussion protocols.

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Bauer Re-Akt Helmet Review

“Every action has a Re-Aktion” is Bauer’s new motto for their new helmet for 2012, the Re-Akt. No numbers in it’s name for this guy because this one is all about advancing protection in the helmet game. Bauer took a look at every possible angle for protection with this one and developed a new helmet that aims to tackle one overlooked issue, as well as others, when it comes to head injuries, rotational force.

Lets take a look at some of the key features of the new Re-Akt helmet:

Suspend-Tech Liner

The new liner is a true, free-floating, suspension liner that uses Bauer’s already proven PORON XRD Technology which will offer enhanced protection and maximum comfort. The new liner is shown in the highlighted area in the picture below.

Suspend-Tech Liner (highlighted in yellow/black)

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Easton E700 Helmet Review

Easton has done it again with the E700 helmet. Continuing from last year with the best selling S19 Z Shock helmet, the E700 takes the one-piece helmet design to a new level. Easton dove into the project head first with its partner companies Bell and Giro, to bring you on of the lightest most advanced helmets to date.

Drawing on the innovations and expertise of the Easton-Bell Sports Helmet Technology Center, where Riddell football helmets, Giro snow and cycling helmets, Bell cycling and motorsports helmets and Easton lacrosse and baseball helmets are made, the E700 is their latest creation. Easton-Bell Sports makes over 11 million helmets a year so they must be doing something right.

Easton E700 Matte Black

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Alkali Hockey 2011

New for the 2011/2012 hockey season is Alkali Hockey, a roller specific brand, aim specifically at designing, manufacturing, marketing and selling roller hockey targeted products. For their debut line up of gear they are focusing on the essentials including skates, sticks, roller hockey pants, gloves, girdles, padded vests, and bags. And from the look of things we reviewed, Alkali Hockey went all out in making sure every level of hockey player was getting a great product.

Cofounded by roller hockey legend Joe Cook and designer Justin Hoffman in early 2011, together they bring over 20+ years of roller hockey industry knowledge to the table. Using what they call “Lithium Science” in the design and construction of all their products, they aim to bring the most advanced materials and construction techniques to maximum the energy yield by each and every player.


The biggest release from Alkali Hockey this year will undoubtably be their skate line. Alkali started from the ground up when developing their skates, to come come up with a truly unique and sleek design. Their top of the line performer is the CA9 skate, which is one of the meanest looking skates we’ve seen in awhile.

Alkali CA9 skate

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Easton EQ Protective Review 2011

Are you looking for hockey pads with some extra protection, a better fit, and just more Beef? Then look no further than the EQ protective line from Easton. If you’re laying in the hospital or you’re at home covered in ice packs from last nights game, it’s time to make the switch. The EQ50 line is perfect for the player in a physical league or a grinder who likes to throw their body around. This new line features some of the most advanced protective materials and construction available today.

EQ50 Shoulder Pads- Feature HexFoam in the Caps, pe inserts in clavicle, spine, and sternum areas. Multi panel design with 2-piece adjustable bicep guards.

The biggest addition to the new Easton protective line is the Hex-Foam. Hex-Foam takes the place of standard molded foams on the EQ50 line. With the Hex-Foam mold your pad is lighter, more breathable, and disperses impacts more efficiently. You can find HEX-FOAM in key areas like the kneecap of the EQ50 shin guard, the bicep guard on the EQ50 elbow pad, and the shoulder caps of the EQ50 shoulder pad.

Easton EQ50 shin Guards- Hex Foam located in the knee area. Pe inserts in calf wrap, and showcasing a comfortable 2-strap system. Top strap includes a comfort neoprene pad, and the large lower elastic strap locks any size leg in place.

As well as Hex-Foam protection, you kind find dense PE inserts in key areas of the pads. The clavicle, sternum, and spine sections of the EQ50 shoulder feature these thick molded inserts. Thick molded plastic inserts can also be found in the EQ50 elbow pad’s forearm and the EQ50 shin guard’s calf wrap. Combine these inserts with the Hex-Foam and you have quite the suit of armor.

Easton EQ50 Elbow Pad- Featuring HexFoam bicep protection, molded inserts in forearm and bicep, and a comfortable, arm locking strap system.

Easton wanted to focus the EQ line on the physical type player, but they didn’t want to sacrifice mobility and comfort. Easton’s InMotion design on each EQ50 pad works individually to offer the highest level of mobility and comfort. InMotion fit can be highlited by features like an adjustable bicep guard and griptec print on the EQ50 elbow, the contoured shell shape and griptec print on the EQ50 shin guard, and the segmented panels and adjustable bicep guards on the EQ50 shoulder. Other EQ50 comfort features include Bio Dri moisture wicking liners and neoprene comfort straps.

Derek Roy of the Buffalo Sabres- Rockin' EQ50 gear

The EQ line offers a great protective pad for every price range. Besides using Hex Foam, the EQ30 series shins, elbows, and shoulders feature very similar protection to the EQ50 pads. InMotion fit features can also be found on the EQ30 pads including griptec prints and comfort straps. The  EQ20 series showcase entry models that pack some punch. Not many pads at the EQ20 price level offer as protection and value. The EQ20 shoulder is segmented and includes an adjustable belly pad. The EQ20 elbows and shins showcase large molded plastic inserts and easy strapping systems.

You can get all your EQ protective gear at or today!

Reebok 11K Protective Review 2011

The new Reebok protective line has been heavily anticipated, and finally has arrived at IW. Looking at the entire line, (elbows, shins, shoulders) Reebok has included solid features at every price-point. As many of you may know,  a large majority of NHL players wear Reebok designed protective gear (Jofa). With the introduction of the pro-level 11k protective gear, I don’t think that statistic will change anytime soon.

The 11k Shoulder Pad is segmented at the torso and spine. For additional flexibility, Reebok added hinges at the clavicle and shoulder blade. These features ensure the pad moves "with you."

The big feature that Reebok is trying to push on the 11k pads are the new ZigTech liners. What exactly is ZigTechZigTech fabric is constructed with key Celliant fibers which have been clinically proven to enhance oxygen levels by an average of 7%. This increased oxygen circulation allows you to work harder, better, faster, and stronger, all game long.

Besides the ZigTech liners, the 11k line also showcases great protection and easy strapping. The 11k elbow features a comfortable neoprene “locksleeve”  and “lockstrap” to keep the arm in place. The 11k shin also includes a “lockstrap”, but also a large neoprene “quickstrap” system that’s easy and effective. The 11k shoulderselbows, and shins all include JDP Caps. This famous cap design is a big reason Reebok designed protective products are #1 in the NHL.

The Reebok 11k shin guard includes a H-Cell II Foam Liner. This advanced foam reinforcement has been proven not to "bottom-out" like other liners. The 11k shin strap system is made up of a neoprene "quickstrap" and "lockstrap" to help prevent hyper-extension.

Like the 11k products, the rest of the Reebok protective line for 2011 includes the JDP cap construction. This means you’re getting a pro designed cap at every price level. That’s something any player can appreciate. The 9k shins, elbows, and shoulders all feature advanced protection in a slightly lighter, more streamline design compared to the 11k. The 7k series is a great price point option. The 7k line provides solid protection, and showcases advanced strapping systems on the shins and elbows. The 5k series is great for an intermediate player seeking good protection from their shin guards, elbow pads, and shoulder pads, but needs a step up from beginner features. The 3k pads are  solid entry models from Reebok that are lightweight, but still offer the player the protection they need.

Reebok pro Dion Phaneuf- Toronto Maple Leafs

You can pick up all you Reebok protective gear at or today!

Bauer Supreme TotalOne Protective Hockey Gear Review

I’m finally getting the chance to write about the brand new Bauer Supreme protective line available at Let me tell you, Bauer didn’t disappoint this year.  I was very impressed with the TotalOne pads especially. The TotalOne shin guards, elbow pads, and shoulders all have pro level protection in a sleek design that is very mobile.

The TotalOne shoulder is not only one of the most protective shoulder pads on the market, it's one of the lightest and most mobile. Segmented and perforated "Free Flex" chest panels make this possible.

The TotalOne line features brand new F-One shell technology as well as improved MAX-SORB foam. F-One is a process where high density foam is fused between 2 layers of molded plastic. This process of fusing the shell offers 25% better energy absorption and 15% weight reduction compared to traditional plastic caps and shells. F-One is found on the TotalOne shoulder caps, TotalOne elbow forearm area, and TotalOne shin shells.

The TotalOne shin features a removable thigh guard, F-One shell, MAX-SORB knee foam, Thermo Max+ lining and Anchor Strap.

2nd Generation MAX-SORB foam can also be found throughout the TotalOne protective gear line. MAX-SORB is a combination of gel and foam offering great energy dispersion. 2nd generation MAX-SORB now includes exclusive Poron Foam. This new deadly combination of gel and foam can deflect 30% more energy than traditional Foams. The new MAX-SORB can be found in the TotalOne sternum area, the TotalOne knee cap, and the TotalOne elbow cap.

The Total One elbow pad features a Vent Armor floating bicep, F-One shell in the forearm, Anchor strap, and MAX-SORB foam in the elbow cap.

The F-One and 2nd generation MAX-SORB foams are exclusives on the TotalOne line. The rest of the Supreme protective line features the same overall design as the TotalOne, as well as similar features. Such features like the Anchor strap, are included on the One80 and One60 shins, as well as One80 and One60 elbows. The Anchor strap locks the leg or arm in place with unmatched comfort and fit compared to traditional straps. You can also find the Thermo-Max liner on the One80 and One60. This moisture wicking liner keeps you cool and dry, and is a high end feature for the ONE80 and ONE60 price levels.

You can pick up all your Bauer Supreme gear at today!

Reebok 11k Hockey Helmet

Reebok 11K Hockey Helmet

In today’s hockey helmet market every player and parent wants to get the safest hockey helmet possible. Today, harder hits call for better concussion protection. Reebok’s new Safety Revolution program commits itself to improving player safety today and in the future.

a look inside the Reebok 11K hockey helmet

Reebok’s Hockey Safety Council includes a certified Brain Surgeon, and the 11k helmet is a true testament to the Councils research. The Safety Council guides the way for developers to make the safest gear possible.  The 11 key helmet features a specific 5-point safety system. Here’s a look into the 5 key safety components.

  1. Bone Crushing Hits-11k helmet is designed to withstand direct high impacts. Meets CSA and ASTM standards
  2. Repeated Hits- 90% of hits in a game are low impact. When repeated over time, low impact hits can be as dangerous as high impact hits. The 11k features a softer EPP and a unique hinge construction to better protect against low impact hits.
  3. Anchoring- The new vertically adjustable Microdial II locks the helmet in place at the base of the head. The 360° circumference adjustment is also one of a kind, giving the helmet a truly customized fit.
  4. Fit Adjustment- Best Fitting helmet= The safest helmet. The length adjusting fitclips now fit a wider range of people.  The 11k cage is the only cage on the market that is adjustable, allowing for customized protection.
  5. Weight- At just over 500 grams the 11k helmet is the lightest fully adjustable helmet on the market.
Reebok 11K Hockey Helmet

a look at the 11K 360 degree Micro Dial II

Reebok isn’t a bunch of Doctors and Engineers that decide what gear players’ want. Hockey Players actually tell Reebok what they’d like to see in their gear. This Pro feedback drives research to provide the highest performing equipment. The Reebok 11K Hockey helmet is available now for pre-sale from