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Workout Wednesday

The NHL lockout has left us all with a lot more free time than we would like. No longer the evenings and nights watching the various games or sitting in front of the computer setting the fantasy hockey lineups. Some of us spend their newly acquired time watching lesser sports or living in denial; pretending that EA Sports’ NHL 13 is the NHL season. Others of us though, are spending our extra free time conditioning and training for our own (non-locked out) season. I’d like to share a solid, hockey-specific leg/cardio workout that we did last night. This workout is best done on grass or a track. So don your apparel and head out there.

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Let’s Play Hockey Show in Las Vegas, NV

We just returned from the Let’s Play Hockey Show held in Las Vegas, NV over the weekend. It was a great turn out with huge booths from Easton, CCM/Reebok, and Warrior plus some exciting roller products from new company Alkali Hockey. Lot’s of great new products were displayed and it was great to hear from all the knowledgable products managers about what was the latest and greatest. Be on the lookout for releases and reviews coming your way soon.

Let’s Play Hockey Show in St. Paul, MN

We just got back from the Let’s Play Hockey show in St. Paul, MN.  Great to see all of the enthusiasm for hockey surrounding the event. The show also coincided with the Minnesota high school state championships.  Congrats to the Edina high school team that walked away with the title, and every team that played in the tournament. A lot of great players took the ice, and the excitement in the arena showed it.

I was lucky enough to grab some interviews with the Bauer and Easton product managers. So be sure to look out for those down road.  It was great to see the lines from all of the companies that were at the show (Warrior, Reebok, CCM, ect.) Looks like it is going to be an exciting year, a lot of great equipment coming out.