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Warrior Luxe Hockey Gloves Review

Warrior has made a new addition to their glove line for 2011, and is now offering three distinct glove fits, Contoured, Tapered, and Traditional.

2011 Warrior Hockey Gloves

The newest addition to the Warrior glove line are the contoured fit gloves. The premier glove in this line is the Warrior Luxe hockey glove. The Luxe gloves feature all of the top end features and materials from Warrior.  Warrior has combined the protection material in the Projekt as well as the Franchise in the Luxe gloves. From the Franchise the Luxe has adopted the tri-lame foams that utilizes three different density foams, and from the Projekt the Luxe has adopted the bone system. Warrior’s Bone System uses a four layer construction composed of Volara foam, HD and LD foam, and molded HDPE to create an impenetrable guard against impacts. This makes the Luxe glove one of the most protective gloves on the market.

Warrior Luxe Hockey Gloves

The Luxe gloves are the most form fitting gloves in the Warrior line. By reducing the negative space in the glove, it makes the glove extremely responsive.  Although, at the same time the flared out cuff offers exceptional wrist mobility. Sometime tighter fitting gloves can create a little more resistance in the wrist area, this is certainly not the case with this glove.

Kovalchuk using the Warrior Luxe Gloves

Along with the Luxe glove Warrior is also releasing two other gloves in the contoured fit familr, the Surge glove, and Burn glove.  The Surge and Burn features the same blocking pattern in the backhand and the same overall fit as the Luxe gloves.

All of these gloves are available now at Ice Warehouse and Inline Warehouse!

Reebok Hockey Gloves 2011

The Reebok 9000 4-Roll. Classic Fit, Advanced Performance.

New for 2011, Reebok is offering 2 different lines of gloves. Many of you are familiar with the KFS (KineticFit System) style glove line Reebok has featured before. This anatomical design has a low-profile fit and contours closely to the entire hand and wrist. I’m very excited for the 2nd line Reebok has released. For 2011 Reebok offers a classic 4-Roll style glove for the players seeking that traditional loose fit..

The new Reebok 9000 4-Roll was built with pro expectations in mind. This loose fitting glove is where advanced technology meets classic construction. With its open cuff design it not only looks pro but it plays the part too. Reebok

Patrick Marleau of the San Jose Sharks – Rockin’ some Reebok 4-Rolls

Some Tech specs on the 9000 4 Roll:

  • Tricot Outer (Fast Break-in, light, breathable)
  • Soft Pro Grade Nash Palms, reinforced in key areas
  • Beefy DD Foams with plastic inserts throughout hand
  • Extended guard on outer hand and pinky
  • Reebok Moisture Wicking Comfort Liner
  • Split Fingers increase dexterity
  • Open cuff maximizes mobiliy

The other gloves in the 4-Roll series are the 7000 and the 5000. Both feature the Reebok Moisture Wicking Comfort Liner and the same loose fitting design as the 9000. There’s a 4-Roll for your price range!

The Reebok 11K KFS Glove. Low profile, contoured protection.

Reebok’s 2nd glove line, aka The KFS (KineticFit System) line showcases advanced features to maximize mobility. The unique “Interior fit glove” featured on the 9k and 11K allows for incredible wrist mobility. The 9k and 11K also includes a mobile 3-piece finger construction and a moisture wicking Reebok comfort liner. The 11K features an advanced Clarino palm, and the 9k, 7k ,and 5k include durable nash combination palms. The whole KFS line features a mobile anatomical fit, and there’s one for every budget!

Where do you get the newest Reebok gloves? and of course!

CCM Hockey Gloves 2011

Looking for some new hockey gloves? Make sure to check out the new CCM line if you’re in the market. The new U+ glove line has some solid protection and fit features that have made it a real stand out.  The pro end U+ CL is extremely comfortable out of the box, and offers advanced protection in a light design.

CCM U+CL glove.

The U+ CL aka “Crazy Light” glove is an overall tapered design. The fingers and backhand fit snugly to the hand, and the cuff is short and slightly flared. This allows for awesome control with excelled wrist mobility. The inside liner is a red micro comfort material that’s is comfy and moisture wicking.  The palm used is a very high end Clarino to give a player an awesome stick feel that’s built to last. Right out of the box the CL is a perfect fit on your hand. This fit is brought to you by  CCM’s FluidFit technology. FluidFit  is a combination of features like the tapered fingers, stabilizing pad, and open cuff, working together to lock the hand in from game 1.

Looking at he backhand and side protection, you can tell the U+ CL has you covered. CCM designed the foam padding to offer maximum protection with a light weight construction players love. The newest hybrid foam technology from CCM makes this possible. CCM utilizes a EPP foam/ open cell foam combination to offer the lightest and highest impact protection. By only using 2 dense foams unlike the other gloves, the CL fits closer to the hand, making your control that much better. CCM calls this their Active Response Design.

Vincent Lecavalier of the Tampa Bay Lightning- Lightin’ lamps with the U+CL glove

The rest of the U+ glove line features the same overall design as the CL, with great features at every price point. The U+ 12 has  triple decker foam protection, along with a Rima II/ Ivory Nash palm combination. The U+08 is light weight, and is the first model in the U+ line to offer the CCM red comfort liner. The U+ 06 is a solid entry model with a nash palm and triple decker foams.

CCM Pro 4Roll

Looking for a more classic style glove? Check out the CCM 4Roll.

You can get the newest CCM gloves at and

2011 Bauer Limited Edition Hockey Gear

Bauer has expanded their Limited Edition gear for 2011. Bauer has done LE sticks before, but now they have expanded it to the LE X40 gloves, LE one80 gloves, LE one80 pants, and of course the LE totalone stick. All of the LE products feature the same great features as the standard version but with a new unique look.

Bauer Supreme one80 LE hockey gloves

The Bauer Supreme One80 LE gloves are available in white/black, white/navy (shown above), and white/red.

Bauer Vapor X40 LE hockey gloves

The Bauer Vapor X40 LE gloves are also available in white/red (shown above), white/black, and white/navy.

Bauer Supreme One80 LE ice hockey pants

The Bauer one80 LE ice pants come in black with the red/white/black stripe) shown above, and in the black/white/silver stripe.

All available now at

Bauer X60 Hockey Glove

Bauer has introduced there new X60 glove. Images of the X60 have been floating around for a little while, but I was finally able to get my hands actually on a pair to do a quick review.

Bauer Vapor X60 Glove

The Bauer X60 glove is the top of line glove under the Vapor name. Bauer has focused on making the Vapor line the tapered glove line. It is more form fitting than a traditional glove but not as tight as the Supreme line. I think this glove feels slightly snugger than last years XXXX glove. Although, it does a nice job at opening up in the cuff, so wrist mobility should be no problem.

Bauer has used a very unique palm construction. They are using a lycra base layer that offers a great flexible feel, that requires hardly any break-in. Bauer has also added a composite pad in the lower palm portion. This offers great durability in the high wear area but also absorbs vibrations to get you a solid grip.

Check out the video review for more information, and be sure to check out and for more specs on the glove.

2010 Warrior Franchise Hockey Glove Overview

New Warrior Franchise Hockey Gloves

Warrior is getting ready to unleash the new and improved Franchise glove to world.  The Franchise glove has always had a strong following since its MIA birth, but this year they have taken it one step further.

The new Franchise gloves has some great new features that have me seriously considering hanging up last years for the new model.  Starting on the exterior Warrior has used a combination of materials rather than just the carbon print PU.  The Franchise now features a fair amount of the TufTex nylon material.  This is a great material, exceptionally durable, lightweight, and does not hold water, so you don’t need to worry about it gaining weight during the game.  Warrior Franchise also has some high-grade synthetic leather and some of the carbon print synthetics down the middle of the glove.

Warrior mentioned that many of their NHL players were requesting more wrist mobility out of their personal versions of the Franchise gloves.  So they decided to give the retail glove a flared-out cuff for increased wrist mobility.  This is most noticeable on the inner wrist side, and makes a huge impact. It definitely offers more wrist mobility compared to last years Franchise.  Warrior also decide to increase the cuff roll a little bit making it look like it has a shorter cuff, however, the cuff is not actually smaller it just looks and feels like it. You get the same protection but now with increased wrist mobility.

Personally, I think an entire TufTek exterior would be unbelievably sweet, so Warrior does make this glove completely customizable.  So for those that are willing to make the additional investment, IW can set you up with a customized Franchise, from exterior, protection, colors, numbers, and so forth.