CCM Extreme Flex Goalie Equipment

If you watch hockey, no not youth and intermediate, but NHL hockey and more specifically the goalies and their goalie equipment then you’ve probably noticed quite a few goaltenders sporting the new CCM Extreme Flex gear. The new Extreme Flex goalie pads are designed to offer more flexibility then the Reebok Premier line as well as softer overall design. The CCM Extreme Flex gear is built for athletic goaltenders that make a majority of saves from quick reactive movements. The legendary Lefevre family developed the new CCM line of goalie equipment with the help from goaltender Carey Price, ensuring top-notch quality, materials and protection. CCM’s new line includes goalie masks, goalie gloves and blockers, leg pads and goalie sticks.

With over 2,600 hours of design, testing and engineering the Extreme Flex Pro pads are sure to be a hit. Lets take a closer look.

The Extreme Flex Pro Pads are designed to be softer than the P4 serieswith more internal support then Vaughn’s Velocity line. These pads come with stock internal breaks above and below the knee with outer roll flex options available on the pro model. The boot break is much softer and flatter than the Reebok P4 offering addition flex and rebound control down low. The Lefevres built the new Extreme Flex Pro pads practically from scratch using only the knee stack, straps and buckles from the P4 line. The tighter fit and softer face construction provide goaltenders with a more responsive pad with additional control over rebounds.

The Extreme Flex Pro Glove is the first time the Lefevres built a “baseball style” closure, using the tip of the index finger and thumb to close the glove instead of the full palm closure seen on more traditional style catchers. The internal construction, large open cuff design and adjustments ensure the catcher can be squared up to the shooter offering maximum net coverage. This glove comes with an extremely large pocket that helps with controlling rebounds.

The Extreme Flex Pro Blocker differs from the Reebok Premier 4 blocker in a few ways including the flared-open cuff design for improved mobility. The wide-open design provides added flex at the wrist improving rebound control and allows the goaltender to steer shots with improved precision. The hand position is located about an inch lower then the P4 blocker for excellent balance and feel. The new CCM Extreme blocker also has a sleek binding-less design along the outer edge that improves the overall durability.

CCM’s all new Extreme Flex line of goalie sticks provide an exceptional feel as well as improved durability. The CCM 500 features a fiberglass laminate wrapped aspen wood core handle and full graphite blade for added strength while providing long term durability and stability. The lightweight foam core reduces stick vibrations improving the overall feel. The CCM 500 delivers top of the line quality and performance and is constructed to Pro Specs allowing you to play like the pros.

The CCM Pro goalie mask is an authentic Lefevre design featuring a molded profile that allows the face to sit further to the front for improved peripheral vision. The new dual-density VN foam comfort liner and adjustable pro fit chin cup deliver a mask that feels weightless. The shell on the Pro goalie mask is constructed from a carbon and Kevlar composite shell with an extended back design for increased coverage and safety. The cage is constructed from titanium, ensuring top of the line quality that resists rust as and is super lightweight.

CCM’s new goalie equipment line is extremely impressive and offers tons of performance features that are sure to maximize your goaltending potential. Check out the full line of CCM goalie gear at Inline and Ice Warehouse.

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