Product Review: CCM RBZ Hockey Stick

I was a little skeptical about the RBZ when it first arrived on the market for a lot of reasons.  TaylorMade had never ventured into the hockey industry before, CCM previously failed to impress me in the stick department, the hollow blade may be hard to adjust to, and more. When CCM sent us the RBZ prior to its release, we product tested it and I was able to shoot with it. The thing that got hooked me was the pop of the stick. The RBZ’s tagline really captures the essence of the stick: “Strap a Rocket to the Puck!”

CCM’s Power Swing technology creates a fine tuned weight and flex distribution providing a faster swing for unbelievable puck speed. On top of this, the 4 speed channels and hollow blade construction that make up the SpeedBlade technology (TaylorMade contribution) give the blade very powerful pop. Every wrist and snap shot I take comes off the stick accurately and a lot more power than I usually get with other sticks.

Another contributing factor is the Variable Kick Point. The flex point changes depending on your hand position, so no matter where your gloves are placed you’re stick will flex at the optimal point. This differs from Bauer’s Intelli-Sense technology found in the Vapor Line because Bauer’s flex uses only two different flex points; whereas the RBZ can flex all throughout the stick, making it perfect for all kinds of shots.

Originally I was worried about the hollow blade because I expected it to be hard to control or feel the puck. The first time I used the stick I was pleasantly surprised. Not only was the feel incredibly, the puck didn’t bounce erratically off the stick or even deflect poorly at all.

The only complaint that I can find with this stick is that it only comes in the grip option. Other than that, I highly recommend this stick to anyone and everyone.

Available at Inline & Ice Warehouse.