CCM RBZ Roller Hockey Skate

CCM is getting back into the Roller Hockey world with their new CCM RBZ Roller Hockey Skate. Like the freakishly fast RBZ Ice Hockey Skate, the RBZ Roller Hockey Skate is exceptionally similar!


The RBZ Roller Skate feature the same Speed Core Composite quarter package for maximum stiffness, comfort, and fit. This fully heat moldable quarter package helps provide exceptional support and reaction speed through turns. Additionally, the toecap utilizes two vented holes that allow adequate airflow for player’s feet. This helps keeps hockey players cool while reducing moisture build-up in the skate.

Labeda Chassis and Labeda Addiction Wheels

The quarter package stands firmly on Labeda’s Pure Speed frame. The Pure Speed Frame is geared toward increase support and speed. The RBZ Roller Hockey Skate is equipped with the best roller wheels out on the market. The Labeda Addiction XXX wheel offers maximum grip and speediness. The entire set-up is comprised of all 80mm wheels that allow each stride to reach its full potential. Now, roller skates can’t roll without proper bearings. That’s why CCM chose Labeda Swiss Bearings, so roller hockey players can weave in-and-out of the crowd towards the goal.

CCM’s Hockey Insoles specify each individuals arch support type. The hockey specific insoles use three different types of layers: lightweight breathable fabric, memoryfoam, and shock absorbing cushioning. It can be difficult to know which arch type is needed, but don’t worry this is how to find the proper fit.

The CCM RBZ Roller Skates are fabricated with the pro-injected foam tongue with lace bite protection. Additionally, the RBZ Roller Skate has vents running down the sides of the entire tongue. This tongue offers nice comfort and keeps player cooler out on the rink.

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