CCM RBZ Stage 2 Stick

CCM RBZ Stage 2

8 months ago, CCM & Taylormade took the hockey world by storm with the introduction of the CCM RBZ and pretty soon we started seeing a lot of NHL players Strap a Rocket to the Puck (RBZ Tagline). For more information on that stick, check out the RBZ blog. It’s no surprise that the stick quickly grew in popularity and it didn’t take very long to see RBZs in nearly every locker room. Looking to build off the success of the RBZ, CCM & Taylormade will release the CCM RBZ Stage 2 in July . The Stage 2 has already seen NHL action with top players like Gabriel Landeskog of the Avalanche & Toronto’s Nazem Kadri. So let’s take a look at what CCM and Taylormade improved on with their second shot at the RBZ.


Let’s start with the obvious: the graphics. While sporting a look similar to the original, the Stage 2 features more of a innovative look similar to the Bauer Supreme line. Though the general look remains the same, a dark upper half contrasted with the white bottom half, the Stage 2 features black on the top blade and lower portion of the shaft.

The design team did a great job with the color scheme of the Stage 2. A white lower half makes the stick difficult for a goalie to distinguish from the white ice and boards. The black on the top of the the lower shaft and blade allows the player to clearly see the stick with his or her peripherals while stick-handling with their head up.

New Technology

The original RBZ introduced Taylormade’s Speedblade technology, which is the main reason that the RBZ has that explosive pop. The Stage 2 perfects the original Speedblade by removing one of the speed channels, which does a couple of things. One, it decreases the weight, and second it increases the Coefficient of Restitution by 20%. I figure you all know what we mean by coe-something of retaliation, so we don’t have to go into the specifics. Essentially, that translates to more pop and a quicker release.

A second upgrade to the Stage 2 moved the balance point up higher in the shaft, called PowerSwing Technology. Thinking in golf terms: the less energy you expel lifting up your club, the more power you will have for the swing. Taylormade & CCM raised the balance point to make the bottom of the stick lighter, thus a faster swing for your clapper.


As a big fan of the RBZ, I’m really looking forward to the Stage 2. The great pop, variable kick point and incredible feel will carry over and probably improve. One of the more exciting features of the Stage 2 is the fact that it will come in the non-grip option (the original RBZ only has the grip option)!

Now this stick will be available in August as well as the RBZ 100, the RBZ 80, and the RBZ 40. Be on the lookout for a second review after we get a chance to use the RBZ out on the ice. Check back over the next couple weeks because we’ll have sneak previews of the CCM RBZ Skate and the Reebok Ribcor!

The new RBZ Stick Line will be available at Ice Warehouse & Inline Warehouse in July.