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I don’t care who you are – sorry that was a rude way to start a blog – but you have to respect Pavel Datsyuk. At 34 years old, Pavel Datsyuk still manages to find his way onto every highlight reel with ease. Even if you don’t respect the player, you at least have to respect his filthy hands, his playmaking ability, his two way style of play, and his overall sense of the game. I enjoy watching the Detroit Red Wings simply because of this Russian legend. TSN held a fan vote at the end of the season to determine the top play of the year and through all sorts of brackets and match-ups, Datsyuk ended up in the final vote against… himself?

Datsyuk vs. Datsyuk

Datsyuk vs. Datsyuk

Needless to say, Datsyuk won. The winning play featured Datsyuk in his defensive end leveling one Nashville Predator, outskating the next, then dancing through the remaining three to put it past goalie and tie the game. Anyways, watch this ridiculous play.


Now I’m sure that if we blindfolded Datsyuk and gave him a knee hockey stick he would still dance around everyone. Since he wears regulation gear though, we went ahead and highlighted the equipment that Datsyuk chooses to be his weapons of mass production. That is, if I haven’t lost you to Datsyuk highlights on YouTube already.

Stick: Reebok RIBCOR

Datsyuk in the 2013 Playoffs

Datsyuk used the Reebok 20K stick for most of the season, but switched to the unreleased Reebok Ribcore for the Detroit Red Wings playoff run. The pre-sale will begin July 16th and a review blog will most likely launch that day too! Datsyuk needs a light stick with a quick, powerful release to pull off his Datsyukian dekes and quick snipes.

Gloves: Reebok 11K KFS

Datsyuk’s gloves are an essential part of his equipment. Not only do they need to be light and flexible enough to dangle, but they also need to protect his money making hands. Reebok 11K KFS gloves feature a seamless cuff that stands separate from the cuff roll allowing for maximum mobility without compromising fit or protection.

Skates: Reebok 20K

The Reebok 20K skates allow Datsyuk to weave in and out, stop & start quickly, and power past any defenseman in the league.

Helmet: Reebok 4K

This was an interesting choice from the Russian. The Reebok 4K helmet is your traditional helmet with VN foam lining for a comfortable, classic fit. It seems that Datsyuk has a simple taste in headwear, instead of going for the top of the line 11K helmet.

Now we can’t guarantee that this equipment will give you his hands, vision, speed, shot, or anything; but would a player use anything that wouldn’t give him an edge over the opposition? You can find all of this equipment at Inline & Ice Warehouse (Ribcor coming soon).