Easton Mako II – Update

A couple months ago I wrote a short term review for the Easton Mako II stick right after its release (I would recommend reading that since this is simply an add-0n to the previous blog. Click here to read).  After I broke my CCM RBZ, I turned to the Easton Mako II Grip 85 Flex with the E28 curve for full time use.

Before I go on, let me say a few words about the new E28 curve that Easton released this year. “This is the fastest growing pattern for elite players around the world. It not only keeps the puck on the toe for deadly accurate snap shots, but the open face also forces your hands out in front of the puck to maximize the load and release of the stick.” Essentially, they tampered with the lie and dimensions of the stick to provide the optimal shooting and passing curve for elite players. I come from the Bauer P88 & the CCM Hossa curve so I wasn’t so sure about the switch; but after I stopped sailing pucks 10 ft over the net, I really like the curve.

I’ve been using the stick full time for a few weeks now (3 practices & 8 games) and I’m loving this twig. The stick performance during that time was incredible (19 points, but who’s counting) and the shaft of the stick held up great. Still really enjoying the whip and feel of the stick. My only complaint is a minor chip in the toe of the blade which hopefully won’t cause any problems. I like to think that I can just credit that to some toe drag I pulled, but realistically I doubt it.

Keep checking back soon as a ton of NEW GEAR is about to launch so we’ll have sneak previews and more reviews coming your way!

This stick is available at Ice & Inline Warehouse.

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