Player of the Day – Marian Gaborik – 1/23/13

Let me start this off by saying that the New York Rangers top line is ridiculous. The Richards-Nash-Gaborik combination may very well be the most formidable line in the NHL this season and they sure made a good argument for it last night. The trio put up 5 points, fifteen shots, and numerous scoring chances as they topped the Boston Bruins in overtime. While they all played phenomenally, Marian Gaborik was the clear first star with a hat trick that included the game winner in OT. Below is a video of his heroics last night.

So let’s take a look at the stick and skates that helps Gaborik do what he does.

Stick: Easton EQ50

Custom EQ50

Curiously, Marian Gaborik chose to play with the Easton EQ50 twig this year even though it’s now discontinued. With new additions to Easton’s lineup like the RS II and the Mako II, one would think that Gaborik would choose a different Easton stick; but apparently he foundĀ a stick that works for him and he’s sticking to it. And Easton is still sending him the custom black and blue colors so, at least while there’s inventory, get used to seeing Gaborik with the EQ50.

The hand eye coordination that Gaborik exhibited in that game gave the Rangers the victory, and the balance & feel of the EQ50 really made it possible.

Bauer Vapor APX Skates

Skates: Bauer Vapor APX

We can partially attribute Gaborik’s quickness and agility to Bauer’s quick and agile Vapor line. The top of the line APX skates allow for quicker accelerations as you can see in his breakaway last night.

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