New Sticks & Their Technology

Well, it’s that time of year when many of the big brands release their new sticks. CCM came out with the RBZ, Warrior dropped the Covert DT1, Easton releases the RS II on the 7th, Bauer comes out with the TotalOne NXG on Sept. 17th, and Reebok moves forward with the 20K on the 15th. Let’s take a quick look at these new top-of-the-line sticks and the technology that sets them apart from the rest.


CCM teamed up with TaylorMade to create the RBZ and specifically the SpeedBlade Technology for the blade that really launches the puck off like a rocket.  CCM and TaylorMade created the blade with a hollow design with 4 speed channels that run the length of the blade which gives incredible feel to go along with the light weight. All of this is wrapped up in high grade carbon fiber that makes it stiffer and creates a more accurate shot.Another feature that sets the RBZ apart from most sticks is the flex profile. CCM designed what they call the Power Swing which is a fine tuned weight and flex distribution technology that allows for a quicker swing with greater puck speed. The flex profile on the RBZ, similar to Bauer’s Intellisense technology, changes the flex point depending on where the hands are located and what kind of shot is taken.


Warrior Covert DT1:

The DT1 is an extremely lightweight and balanced stick due to the True 1 piece construction with the highest grade carbon fiber tightly wrapped in an X stitch weave. The main technology of the DT1 is Warriors Dagger Taper (‘DT’ as in DT1). Now the Dagger Taper technology creates a taper that is thinner on the topside of the stick for maximum loading and wider on the bottom that allows for a more powerful, accurate shot. This technology also gives the DT1 a very low kick-point for quick release.In the recent past, the Warrior blade had some issues with durability, but the new blade on the DT1 comes through with a durable design.  For instance, Warrior is using the Hardcore X foam blade core which is very lightweight and 40& stronger and 60% more compression resistance than before. Warrior also utilizes Twinspar stringers and fibers used in bullet proof vests for reinforcement and increased toughness.


Easton RS II:

The second generation of the Stealth RS series features a similar shaft design to the 2011 Stealth RS: a Kevlar wrapped Compression molded shaft. Also similar to the previous model is the Elliptical Taper. The taper itself provides a low kick-point that results in quick and accurate shots. Another result of the Elliptical Taper is the added strength and rigidity to the blade.

The blade in the RS II is a significant improvement over the RS. Easton redesigned the blade to use a micro-bladder process that increases feel and consistency and greater mass in the impact zone to contribute more power to your shots. Easton also ribbed the length of the blade to give it more strength.

Bauer Supreme TotalOne NXG:

Similar to the previous years’ TotalOne stick, Bauer continued using the texturing carbon material that helped give it that incredible feel. Bauer also greatly improved the weight of the TotalOne and it will be the lightest stick available on the market. A feature new to the Supreme line is the eLASTech technology. Bauer used this technology on the Vapor APX stick, but not on any of the Supreme sticks until now. This technology will add life to the stick and add a pop to the stick that will LAST.

Another new feature TotalOne is a blade improvement. Added thickness in the throat of the blade increases stiffness to allow for more power and accuracy. Bauer uses the Dual-Density Blade Core and the eLASTech technology in the blade for an overall increase in durability, accuracy, power and pop.

Reebok 20K:

Reebok used their Pure Fiber™ technology which eliminates any added or unnecessary materials to decrease the weight and allow for the best possible energy transfer.  They also used the Dual Matrix II construction. This design angles the fibers at different directions for the forehand and the backhand to create tension when you’re loading the shot.  The 20K also features the lowest kick-point on the market today.

On to the blade. Reebok uses a brand new blade known as the AccuBlade. This blade becomes stiffer along the blade from the heel to the toe. This gives the player better puck control and unbelievable accuracy.

–So be on the lookout for these sticks in the NHL and also online at Inline & Ice Warehouse.