Player of the Day – Nazem Kadri – 3/25/13

Nazem Kadri is among the NHL’s top ten point leaders in this 2013 season. Nazem Kadri is only 22 years of age and has totaled 34 points in 32 regular season games, which places him ninth overall among the NHL’s elite. This past week, the Toronto Maple Leafs utilized their star player as he collected a career-high three assists game (+3 rating), third three-point game performance, and fourteenth goal of the season. This exciting rookie has proven capable of hot streak performances and is tied for first on the Maple Leafs in goals and assists.

Lets take a look at Nazem Kadri’s gear, as he embodies the CCM brand.

Helmet: CCM Vector 10 Hockey Helmet

Nazem Kadri rocks the distinct Vector 10 Helmet, which has an aerodynamic shell design; therefore, maximizing on ice vision. The construction of the shell utilizes (19) properly placed vents designed to increase airflow ventilation. The Vector 10 Helmet consists of lightweight EPP liner and heat-molded memory foams that boost comfort and protection. Moreover, the Vector 10 helmet comes equipped with a lift and lock tool-free adjustment system that is designed for custom fitting, making any future NHL star look and feel like Nazem Kadri.

Visor: Oakley Pro Straight Small Hockey Visor

Since its introduction, the “pro straight” visor is notably popular as more NHL players wear the Oakley Pro Straight Visor, because of its classic and traditional appearance. This Pro Straight Small visor is currently the slimmest visor Oakley makes.  Also, it’s considered to be one of the few visor shields that meets and exceeds the demanding standard for optical clarity providing optimal visibility, which is apparent in Kadri’s goal scoring snipeability.

Skates: CCM RBZ Hockey Skates

You can see Kadri explode into action in the all-new CCM RBZ skate, as Kadri lifts off towards the crowd after another hockey highlight. The CCM RBZ skate is geared to improve foot speed and provide greater strength and mobility on the ice. The CCM RBZ skate is definitely tailored to make you skate like a rocket, which is why Kadri has been able to fly to the net finding loose pucks that have allowed his continual point streak to surge.

Stick: CCM RBZ Hockey Stick

Kadri’s ability to danglesnipecelly can be attributed to the CCM RBZ stick. The RBZ stick features pivotal innovations that have advanced the definition of balanced weight and flex. With better weight distribution, the RBZ stick truly develops a lively shot, as other players notice faster whip behind the puck. The flex profile is consistently stiff, which allocates various kick point releases for maximum shot loading. Lastly, the customary SpeedBlade Technology creates a very agile blade profile that allows for faster shots.

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