Product Review: Warrior Remix LTD EDT “Circa NHL” Hockey Gloves

Warrior is back at it, bringing back the old school.  The Remix Limited Edition gloves feature a vintage look with six classic NHL team color ways with the year they were brought into the league.  They feature the Chicago Blackhawks Circa 1926, Los Angeles Kings Circa 1967, Minnesota North Stars Circa 1967, Hartford Whalers Circa 1979, Colorado Rockies Circa 1976, and the Quebec Nordiques Circa 1972.  The gloves also feature the teams city and logo on the outside of the glove running down the pinky finger.

When I first pulled them out of the package and tried them on, I  felt that they fit a bit tighter from the palm to the back hand than most traditional fitting gloves like the Bauer 4-roll Pro and the CCM 4-roll Pro ll.  They did loosen up a bit and break in after about the 5th time using them but were still tighter and stiffer than the other’s.  One thing I really liked about the gloves is that they are extremely lightweight but very protective and they offer a lot of mobility in the wrist area.  I have not experienced any restriction at all in that area.

I also like the Authentic Pro Palm Warrior gave this glove.  You don’t get the best stick feel through the palm but it is extremely durable and very comfortable.  The liner is also very comfortable and it wicks away moisture pretty good but because the palm is a bit thick it tends to retain a little more sweat than others but that is expected from a traditional pro palm.

Overall I do like that these gloves are lightweight yet very protective.  And  you get a great range of motion in the wrist area.  The only issue I had with these gloves is that they fit tighter and stiffer than most traditional gloves.  Other than that I liked these gloves and recommend them to anyone that likes a traditional fitting glove .

Available at Inline & Ice Warehouse.