CCM RBZ Skates


July 2013 will not only consist of fire works in the sky but also rockets strapped to your feet, because CCM will be revealing one of their most cutting-edge skates yet, the RBZ ice hockey skate! Now, if you’re the type of player that seeks advantageous technology, CCM definitely designed this skate to have a distinct look that sets it apart from others on the market by utilizing preferred high-end materials that make it very lightweight and rigid.

Composite Quarter Package

CCM is featuring their premier New Action Form Speed core composite quarter package, which provides pro level stiffness and impressive foot support. This technological feature maximizes foot reaction speed and allows players to explode through their turns.

Speedblade + 4.0 Holder

CCM assembled the Speedblade + 4.0 Holder for the RBZ skate, which adds a total of four millimeters of height off the ice (front and back of skate). This feature encompasses the concept that added height equals a more aggressive angle of attack; therefore, preventing players from bottoming out through turns. Additionally, players will notice supplementary strength and stability built within this holder through its Speed Ribs, which boosts performance in your transitioning game.

Hyperglide Runner

The Hyperglide runner has a gleaming aesthetic look that pops out on the ice. This runner is deemed stronger than traditional steel; therefore, players can attack their stride with full expansion. Furthermore, the runner allows better edging for players to glide with less friction for a more efficient energy transfer.

Hockey Specific Insoles

CCM has amplified customization with their new hockey specific arch support insoles, which offer three different foot elevation heights  (low, medium, and high arch). CCM insoles are precisely fabricated to provide enhanced reaction in the foot muscles for accelerated speed. In layman’s terms, these insoles are constructed with three separate layers that make-up its ideal composition: breathable fabric, memory foam, and shock absorption cushioning. When all three layers are combined, pressure is evenly redistributed for optimal responsiveness.

Pro-Injected Foam Tongue

Lastly, CCM’s pro-injected foam tongue prevents severe lace bite because of its high-density foams. This thick felt tongue is constructed into two pieces; therefore, players are able to tuck the tongue under their shin guard or after some break in time they can “flop out” with style.

July 2013 launched skate engineering to a whole new level with CCM’s RBZ ice hockey skates at Ice Warehouse! CCM guarantees their skates for 30 days. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with the skates, ship them back to IW and you will be refunded in full.