Reebok RibCor Stick

The Reebok RibCor hockey stick is definitely unique because it’s the first pre-loaded hockey stick ever constructed. This means that the fibers are already in tension, creating optimal energy transfer into every shot. This concept may seem a little strange and perhaps because the typical notion is that all sticks are already “pre-loaded”?

Reebok designed the RibCor sticks with a geometric mold that already places the fibers in tension, allowing players to maximize each shot. Therefore, players can quickly release a shot that is backed by some fast-action pop. The pure fiber one-piece construction eliminates any overlapping material in the lower shaft and reduces overall weight. This offers a more consistent energy transfer providing a maximum shot release. The RibCor shot technology has been used in the NHL for quite some time now, making it game proven and ready.

The RibCor hockey stick features the SSX blade, which progressively gets stiffer from heel to toe. It’s safe to say that the majority of hockey players follow through to where they intend to snipe, so it makes sense as to why Reebok’s SSX blade stiffens towards the toe. Additionally, the foam core within the SSX blade dampens on-ice vibration, which creates great puck feel when stick handling. Why is this great? Well, when combined with a pre-loaded lightweight hockey stick, the Reebok RibCor is sure to go bar down. Goalies might need a little extra sunscreen for the back of their neck.

The Reebok RibCor Stick Line also includes the 25K hockey stick24K hockey stick23K hockey stick.

Quickness, velocity, and power are the necessary essentials for accuracy and deadly snipes. You can preorder all these essentials in the Reebok RibCor sticks at Inline & Ice Warehouse. The stick will ship out August 16th.

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