Selecting the Correct Glove Fit

2013 has seen its fair share of new and innovative hockey gloves. Companies such as Bauer, Easton, CCM and Reebok have introduced what they consider to be their premier gloves. This write-up will talk about the three different fits of gloves and the comparison between brands. Sometimes the norm is solely based off looks and brands when purchasing new gloves; however, different gloves can offer better performance. The three different fits are broken down into: Traditional, Contoured, and Tapered.

Traditional Fitting Glove


A traditional fit can be referred to as a “volume fit”, which means its design allows players ample room throughout the entire glove for comfortable mobility.

The most recent traditional fitting gloves are Bauer’s Nexus 1000 and Easton’s Pro Hockey Glove. One of the great features on the Nexus 1000 glove is its EPP Foam back roll. We see the EPP Foam in the liners of many high-end helmets, because of its outstanding lightweight and protective properties. The Nexus 1000 utilizes this type of protection throughout its construction.

The Easton Pro Hockey Glove implements a lightweight nylon shell that reduces the break-in process and continually keeps the glove dry. The glove’s design focuses on properly placed segmentation and a new angled cuff roll. The flex points align with a player’s hand providing a natural hand flexion with more mobility.
The comparison lies in the amount of volume provided within the glove and the wrist mobility. The Nexus 1000 offers more protection and more volume, meaning a bulkier glove. The Easton Pro features sleek protection, reducing the volume inside and making it feel a little more form fitting. Both gloves provide great protection and a voluminous fit.

Tapered Fit

A tapered fitting glove fits snug in the fingers and backhand, with a relaxed cuff role. Therefore, it ensures that the glove moves with the hand without reducing wrist mobility.

The CCM CL 500 and Reebok 7k Nylon Hockey Glove are the newest tapered fitting gloves. The CL 500 is crazy light because of its U FOAM, an extremely lightweight and NHL tested material. Additionally, the CL 500 utilizes CCM’s Slash Dampening System that reinforces its top-notch foams with plastic inserts.

The Reebok 7K Nylon Hockey Glove uses pro-select nylon, which is a finely weaved fabric that reduces the break-in time. Reebok’s Kinetic Fit System (KFS) is a stand out component in which the backhand region features segmented protection for natural hand movement. Reebok re-designed their cuff with a new open molded cuff role, which increases wrist mobility and offers more protection.

The gloves differ in the weight and the cuff’s opening. The CL 500 gloves are slightly lighter than the 7K Nylon Glove, but the 7K Nylon glove offers more wrist mobility.

Contoured Fit

A contoured fitting glove has a natural, anatomical fit that fits close to the hand. Its engineering aims to reduce the negative space within the glove for optimal response.

The Bauer Supreme TotalOne NXG and the Easton Mako Gloves are the latest contoured fitting glove. The Supreme TotalOne NXG is pro-inspired because of the New York Rangers shot blocking campaign, where the New York Rangers began customizing additional foam protection on the back of player’s gloves. Once Bauer caught wind of this, they redesigned the Supreme TotalOne NXG gloves to implement the addition of Poron XRD Foam on the backhand. The Poron XRD foam, which is also utilized on the RE-AKT helmets, makes the glove 23 percent more protective and even more form fitting.

The Easton Mako Hockey Glove introduces a whole new glove construction. The design revolves around the idea that natural movement equals quick hands. The Mako glove implements the FAST FINGER protection system, which provides players with instinctive body movements. Therefore, it eliminates the gaps between the finger blocks and knuckle regions. This emulates a player’s natural hand motion, equaling quick trigger fingers.

The difference between these contoured fitting gloves is the level of protection. The Supreme TotalOne NXG is going to be more protective and form fitting. The Mako glove will still be protective; however, its design is intended for quicker response.

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