Shockbox: Smart Sensors. Smart Sport.

Designed by Impakt Protective, the Shockbox takes on one of the most challenging aspects of the game today: concussions. The question is, “as a trainer, coach or parent – how do you know when a player has suffered a concussion?” The Shockbox is the answer.

The Shockbox fits onto the top of the helmet through high bonding adhesive tape. Following impact, Shockbox Sensor measures the force of the impact and sends the data immediately via Bluetooth to a connected smartphone. The software then displays a visual analysis of the impact including the probability that an injury occurred. From this data, trainers, coaches and parents can accurately judge the severity of a hit and if necessary, adhere to concussion protocols.

Shockbox Software

The Shockbox software is simple to use  and can be downloaded directly from App stores (Android/Blackberry/iPhone). It allows for up to 128 sensors to be programmed into one phone so that a trainer or coach can keep an eye on all their players from a single location. The software records the impact date, time, hit direction and force, and maintains a data history for each player. This is very useful in making informed decisions for players who may be at risk of receiving a concussion. Each visual alert also includes a color coded chart which shows the probability of injury.

Shockbox Specifications

–The Shock box will be available in August, 2012 at Inline & Ice Warehouse ( &

For more information watch the Shockbox Video on Youtube.