Sneak Peak: Sherwood SUPERLIGHT Goalie Sticks

Sher-Wood’s releasing a new line of goalie sticks this December called the SUPERLIGHT. The new SUPERLIGHT goalie sticks offer innovative features combined with hybrid technology and lightweight materials including high modulus carbon fiber. Sher-Wood’s SUPERLIGHT goalie sticks have a new thin blade design that significantly improves the goaltenders feel for the puck and the addition feel improves a goalies game around the net. A common problem with composite sticks is that they sometimes become soft in the paddle portion of the stick. Sher-Wood addresses these issues by running the shaft through the paddle, down into the heel. This technology allows goalkeepers to achieve optimal responsiveness and performance. Sher-Wood’s new SUPERLIGHT goalie sticks will come in 4 models, the SUPERLIGHT SL700, SUPERLIGHT SL750, SUPERLIGHT SL800 and SUPERLIGHT SL825. The model number on the SUPERLIGHT goalie stick indicates the weight of the stick in grams.

Let’s take a closer look!

The SUPERLIGHT SL700 is constructed from a super lightweight high modulus carbon fiber giving goaltenders excellent stiffness and strength without the additional weight. The paddle uses injected polyurethane foam reinforced with fiberglass and carbon fiber as well as a carbon channel that runs across the paddle adding to the ultimate stiffness.

The SUPERLIGHT SL750 shaft is constructed from carbon fiber and the blade / paddle is constructed with reinforced fiberglass and carbon fiber.  A carbon fiber channel crosses the paddle portion adding to the overall stiffness and prevents the stick from becoming soft over time. The paddle injected polyurethane foam is Taking most of the shot impact vibrations is the injected polyurethane foam

The SUPERLIGHT SL800 shaft is constructed with an aspen wood core, covered with a double birch lamination and reinforced with vertical fiberglass and carbon fiber. To help with dampening the shot vibrations, injected polyurethane foam is used in the paddle and is covered with fiberglass and carbon fiber. The combination of materials used on the SL800 offers excellent stiffness and overall durability.

The SUPERLIGHT SL825 is built similar to the SL800 but instead of using vertical fiberglass and carbon fiber, they are using vertical birch slat lamination to achieve the stiffness. The paddle is injected with polyurethane foam and is covered with fiberglass.

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