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Reebok 11k Hockey Helmet

Reebok 11K Hockey Helmet

In today’s hockey helmet market every player and parent wants to get the safest hockey helmet possible. Today, harder hits call for better concussion protection. Reebok’s new Safety Revolution program commits itself to improving player safety today and in the future.

a look inside the Reebok 11K hockey helmet

Reebok’s Hockey Safety Council includes a certified Brain Surgeon, and the 11k helmet is a true testament to the Councils research. The Safety Council guides the way for developers to make the safest gear possible.  The 11 key helmet features a specific 5-point safety system. Here’s a look into the 5 key safety components.

  1. Bone Crushing Hits-11k helmet is designed to withstand direct high impacts. Meets CSA and ASTM standards
  2. Repeated Hits- 90% of hits in a game are low impact. When repeated over time, low impact hits can be as dangerous as high impact hits. The 11k features a softer EPP and a unique hinge construction to better protect against low impact hits.
  3. Anchoring- The new vertically adjustable Microdial II locks the helmet in place at the base of the head. The 360° circumference adjustment is also one of a kind, giving the helmet a truly customized fit.
  4. Fit Adjustment- Best Fitting helmet= The safest helmet. The length adjusting fitclips now fit a wider range of people.  The 11k cage is the only cage on the market that is adjustable, allowing for customized protection.
  5. Weight- At just over 500 grams the 11k helmet is the lightest fully adjustable helmet on the market.
Reebok 11K Hockey Helmet

a look at the 11K 360 degree Micro Dial II

Reebok isn’t a bunch of Doctors and Engineers that decide what gear players’ want. Hockey Players actually tell Reebok what they’d like to see in their gear. This Pro feedback drives research to provide the highest performing equipment. The Reebok 11K Hockey helmet is available now for pre-sale from IceWarehouse.com