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Mission Axiom G7 Goalie Skate

Mission has been a leading force in the roller hockey industry for a while now. They saw the lack in roller hockey skates specifically designed for goalies and saw this as an opportunity to revolutionize the roller hockey goalie skate. With the introduction of Axiom G7 Goalie Skate, they have done just that!

Mission Axiom G7 Goalie Skates

When you see the Axiom G7 Goal Skate, it is obvious that Mission took a lot of time researching and developing the skate. Mission worked with several goalies to make a skate that  would conform to the roller hockey goalies style. The first and most noticeable innovation seen on this skate is the FrontLoad Chassis Technology. It may look like the skate is missing a wheel, but Mission purposely left this wheelout for a couple different reasons. First off, this gap provides an area for goalies to put their straps without getting caught in their wheels. More importantly, the FrontLoad Chassis Technology allows goalies to be more on the balls of their feet. In roller hockey, it is quite difficult to slide across the crease, so roller hockey goalies need to almost jump across their net and being on the balls of your feet makes this movement much easier.

The Axiom Goalie Skate sits on top of four 59mm Rink Rat Crossbar Goalie Wheels (XXX Grip 76A) with Mission ABEC 5 608 Bearings. Mission tested with both the 47mm and the 59mm wheel sizes, but goalies preferred the 59mm so Mission went with the popular vote. On the interior of these skates Mission has used their sublimated “Mission Haze” brushed nylon with foam pads in the ankle to make this skate incredibly comfortable. Cosmetically, they have designed this skate to fit right in with the rest of the Axiom line up so your getting an awesome looking skate.

The Mission Axiom G7 Goalie Skate is available for pre-sale now at InlineWarehouse.com and is scheduled to arrive in mid September.

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