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Easton Synergy EQ50 Ice Hockey Skates

Easton EQ50 Ice Hockey Skate

The Easton Synergy EQ skate line features a completely different construction and fit compared to the Easton Stealth skate line. The EQ skate line has put the main focus on fit and performance. The EQ50 ice hockey skates feature a hybrid design to combine highly moldable materials in the bulk of the quarter for exceptional mold-ability with key embedded composite zones to offer great response and stability.

Easton first came up with the overall philosophy and design of the EQ50 skate in the EQ5, although the skate did not quite match up to Easton’s standards so they went back to the drawing board and re-designed the skate which turned into the EQ50.  Some of the key improvements from the EQ5 to the EQ50 include:

  • Drastically improved fit especially in the heel pocket
  • Improved materials in the quarter panel (now using Fusion Foam 2.0) offers improved mold-ability
  • Extended flex tendon embedded zone improves overall stability
  • Added embedded zone in the heel cup or heel anchor to ensure all the energy is transfer down into the runner, along with longer lasting performance
  • Finally of course a much better overall look

Easton EQ50 skates offer the perfect balance between explosive carbon composite and highly moldable fusion foam 2.0

The EQ50 features four key composite embedded zones including, the side-wing, heel anchor, flex tendon and outsole. The side-wing and full composite outsole allow you to really load up the skate and get a great response and power from each stride. The embedded zones in the flex tendon and heel anchor offer great stability.  The added embedded zone in the heel also helps prevent a pre-mature breakdown of the heel anchor.

Carbon composite tendon guard and heel anchor offers a stable & response feel

Now on the other side of the story is fit. The Easton Synergy line is designed to be a very accommodating boot and to be able to be molded to fit a variety of feet. Which is great news for anyone that has wanted to get into a pair of Easton’s but just could seem to fit into the Stealth line.

cut away look at the materials used in the quarter panel

Personally, I have a narrower foot and because of that never really fit well into the Stealth skates. I had a chance to get these on and right out of the box the fit felt great. Still a little wide for me in the forefoot but great in the heel. This was especially nice to see since the EQ5 had a really big heel pocket that I was unsure if it would be able to prevent heel lift for me.  Upon baking the skates the fit got even better, I could really feel them tighten up and hung around the foot. After I baked the skates I was surprised that it seemed as if they narrowed up even in the forefoot.

Trying on the EQ50 skates for the first time

The Easton EQ50 ice hockey skates are available now along with the rest of the Easton EQ line now at IceWarehouse.com