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Bauer Supreme TotalOne Protective Hockey Gear Review

I’m finally getting the chance to write about the brand new Bauer Supreme protective line available at IceWarehouse.com. Let me tell you, Bauer didn’t disappoint this year.  I was very impressed with the TotalOne pads especially. The TotalOne shin guards, elbow pads, and shoulders all have pro level protection in a sleek design that is very mobile.

The TotalOne shoulder is not only one of the most protective shoulder pads on the market, it's one of the lightest and most mobile. Segmented and perforated "Free Flex" chest panels make this possible.

The TotalOne line features brand new F-One shell technology as well as improved MAX-SORB foam. F-One is a process where high density foam is fused between 2 layers of molded plastic. This process of fusing the shell offers 25% better energy absorption and 15% weight reduction compared to traditional plastic caps and shells. F-One is found on the TotalOne shoulder caps, TotalOne elbow forearm area, and TotalOne shin shells.

The TotalOne shin features a removable thigh guard, F-One shell, MAX-SORB knee foam, Thermo Max+ lining and Anchor Strap.

2nd Generation MAX-SORB foam can also be found throughout the TotalOne protective gear line. MAX-SORB is a combination of gel and foam offering great energy dispersion. 2nd generation MAX-SORB now includes exclusive Poron Foam. This new deadly combination of gel and foam can deflect 30% more energy than traditional Foams. The new MAX-SORB can be found in the TotalOne sternum area, the TotalOne knee cap, and the TotalOne elbow cap.

The Total One elbow pad features a Vent Armor floating bicep, F-One shell in the forearm, Anchor strap, and MAX-SORB foam in the elbow cap.

The F-One and 2nd generation MAX-SORB foams are exclusives on the TotalOne line. The rest of the Supreme protective line features the same overall design as the TotalOne, as well as similar features. Such features like the Anchor strap, are included on the One80 and One60 shins, as well as One80 and One60 elbows. The Anchor strap locks the leg or arm in place with unmatched comfort and fit compared to traditional straps. You can also find the Thermo-Max liner on the One80 and One60. This moisture wicking liner keeps you cool and dry, and is a high end feature for the ONE80 and ONE60 price levels.

You can pick up all your Bauer Supreme gear at IceWarehouse.com today!