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Bauer Reactor 2013 Preview

The long anticipated Bauer Reactor Goalie equipment is finally here! Starting April 15th, Bauer’s all new Reactor goalie gear will become available. The original Bauer Reactor line was launched in 1994, setting a new standard for goaltending equipment by providing innovative, functional and protective gear. The Reactor line created the foundation for many of the goalie gear products seen on the market today.

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Let’s Play Hockey Show in Las Vegas, NV

We just returned from the Let’s Play Hockey Show held in Las Vegas, NV over the weekend. It was a great turn out with huge booths from Easton, CCM/Reebok, and Warrior plus some exciting roller products from new company Alkali Hockey. Lot’s of great new products were displayed and it was great to hear from all the knowledgable products managers about what was the latest and greatest. Be on the lookout for releases and reviews coming your way soon.

Easton EQ50 Hockey Stick

Easton, the leader in composite hockey sticks, is once again taking composite sticks to the next level.  Building off Easton’s popular SE16 stick Easton will introduce the customizable EQ50 composite stick.

Easton EQ50 Hockey Stick

Easton’s SE16 stick offered the player one of the softest touches in the game with its Focus Weight Technology™.  A process that places weight in key areas in the blade and the shaft to improve the balance and feel.  Easton has built on this technology in the EQ50 stick.  The EQ50 will feature a fine-tuned, exposed weight system in the heel of the blade.  Redistributing the weight in the blade to the heel dampens the blade in the key impact section, allowing the player to cradle passes easier improving puck control.

Easton's Focus Weight Blade Technology

To offset this redistributed weight in the blade, Easton precisely adds weight to the end of the shaft.  Weight at the end of the shaft counter balances the blade for optimal swing weight.  This Focus Weight Technology™ delivers a truly balanced feeling stick with enhanced puck control.  And it gets even better.  The Easton EQ50 stick allows the player to customize the balance of the stick, by adding/subtracting removable weights in the end plug.  By adding/subtracting one or more of the 5g metal discs the player can fine-tune the balance of the stick to meet their preference.  As a guide Easton provides a chart on the stick to calculate the recommend number of disc based on the length of the stick.

Easton Focus Weight Shaft Technology

The rest of the Easton EQ50 stick is constructed of the highest level of materials and specs that Easton is know for.  Like Compression molding for a precise, consistent feel, Kevlar® wrapping for added durability, and Multi-Rib™ blade construction that ensures a stiff, accurate blade.

The Easton EQ50 hockey stick will be available for pre-sale at IceWarehouse.com and InlineWarehouse.com early September.

2010 Limited Edition Bauer Supreme ONE100 Skates

Coming this October Bauer will be releasing limited edition (LE) models of the Supreme ONE100 and ONE60 ice skates.  The LE Supreme skates will feature a cool black on black look, complete with custom Black Tuuk holders.  The Supreme ONE 100 LE skate will also feature a retro tan colored Clarino liner.  All other specs on both models will be identical to the current models.

Bauer Supreme ONE100 LE Ice Skate

The Bauer Supreme LE ice skates will be available for pre-order at IceWarehouse.com early September.

Bauer Vapor X60 LE

Bauer has just announced the Vapor X60 Limited Edition will be coming out next month…and it looks dope.  They have taken the look of the non-grip version of the X60 stick darkened it a little and added some smoke like blue graphics giving the stick a great look.

The Bauer X:60 LE stick will have the same construction and materials as the standard X60 stick, only difference being graphics and instead of a stick’um coating or traditional gloss smooth coating, Bauer has used a smooth matte finish. Great choice in my opinion.

Check out the site for more info about the stick and its availability.

Bauer Vapor X60 LE hockey stick

Bauer Vapor X60 LE hockey stick

Bauer X60 Hockey Glove

Bauer has introduced there new X60 glove. Images of the X60 have been floating around for a little while, but I was finally able to get my hands actually on a pair to do a quick review.

Bauer Vapor X60 Glove

The Bauer X60 glove is the top of line glove under the Vapor name. Bauer has focused on making the Vapor line the tapered glove line. It is more form fitting than a traditional glove but not as tight as the Supreme line. I think this glove feels slightly snugger than last years XXXX glove. Although, it does a nice job at opening up in the cuff, so wrist mobility should be no problem.

Bauer has used a very unique palm construction. They are using a lycra base layer that offers a great flexible feel, that requires hardly any break-in. Bauer has also added a composite pad in the lower palm portion. This offers great durability in the high wear area but also absorbs vibrations to get you a solid grip.

Check out the video review for more information, and be sure to check out icewarehouse.com and inlinewarehouse.com for more specs on the glove.

Easton Stealth S19 Z-Shock Helmet

Easton S19 Z-Shock Helmet

Easton S19 Z-Shock Helmet

The Next Big Thing… The Easton Stealth S19 Z-SHOCK helmet. Easton is gearing up to revolutionize the helmet market just as they did the stick market with the introduction of a one-piece composite stick back in 1999. The Stealth S19 Z-SHOCK is a one-piece composite helmet. That’s right! The S19 laminates EPP foam and the plastic polycarbonate shell as one unit. This construction delivers new higher levels of protection at nearly HALF the weight of current hockey helmets.

The increase in protection and reduction in weight is achieved from the one-piece design which allows Easton to replace air gaps created by layers of plastic found in traditional two-piece helmets with protective EPP foam. And since the components of the S19 helmet are laminated together acting as one solid, stiffer state, this design allows the helmet to absorb impacts better increasing the level of protection beyond two-piece helmets.

Since the S19 helmet is a one-piece design a performance fit is achieved through 5 different shell sizes, oversized comfort pads and a micro adjustable back strap.

The S19 helmet definitely passes the mirror test with a 5-10% reduction in the overall outer dimensions when compared to other popular high-end helmets on the market today. It delivers that sought after slim, non-bubble head look that has made Bauer 4000 and CCM 652 styled helmets so popular for years yet in a more protective and lighter helmet. That’s why NHL players are referring to it as the Next Big Thing. And I would have to agree.

Easton is planning on showcasing S19 in the upcoming 2010 Olympics and delivering it to InlineWarehouse.com and IceWarehouse.com in mid-May. The first delivery will consist of black, white, navy, royal and red color ways, with 9 more colors to be released in July. The helmet will only be available in a helmet only version and the MSRP will be $169.99.

Let’s Play Hockey Show in St. Paul, MN

We just got back from the Let’s Play Hockey show in St. Paul, MN.  Great to see all of the enthusiasm for hockey surrounding the event. The show also coincided with the Minnesota high school state championships.  Congrats to the Edina high school team that walked away with the title, and every team that played in the tournament. A lot of great players took the ice, and the excitement in the arena showed it.

I was lucky enough to grab some interviews with the Bauer and Easton product managers. So be sure to look out for those down road.  It was great to see the lines from all of the companies that were at the show (Warrior, Reebok, CCM, ect.) Looks like it is going to be an exciting year, a lot of great equipment coming out.

Warrior Goalie Gear

I got a chance to talk with Warrior’s Hockey Product Manager, Keith Perera, about Warrior’s first line of goalie gear. They will be coming out with two product lines called the Messiah and the Swagger. Warrior has put a lot of effort into their goalie line knowing that they really have one shot to prove to goalies that they belong in the market.

Although Warrior is new to the goalie market, they have a lot of expertise in the field. Their design team has past experience with other elite goalie companies including Eagle and Vaughn, and they have had many elite level goalies testing their products to give feedback. Warrior is ready to be a contender in the goalie market.

The Messiah line, which is Warrior’s pro level line will be available through IW by request only, but IW will be carrying the Swagger line.

Swagger Leg Pads

The Swagger leg pads have an inner foam core that uses Zotefoam™ components, which is going to provide a lot of protection that will not compress over time. To provide a high level of durability Warrior has used some sublimated Tuff Tech material. In addition to the durability, the Tuff Tech material doesn’t retain water which helps maintain a super lightweight feel. On the back side of the pad, Warrior has used a Nash leather in the leg channel to help with durability as well as provide a comfortable fit. On the inner side of the pad, Warrior has used a strip of HD foam which allows the pad to lay flush on the rink as well as hold its shape over time. With all the technology that has gone into this pad, it is perfect for a butterfly style goalie because the pad uses the players body weight to keep the pad from rotating when on the rink. These pads have an estimated retail price of $649.99

Swagger Catch Glove

The Swagger catch glove will provide an elite level of protection with a quick break-in design, which means the glove is game-ready right out the package. The glove uses a Clarino synthetic leather liner to provide a comfortable fit as well as an Antimicrobial V-Tek™ liner to wick away moisture. The Swagger catch glove offers a large thumb box with an adjustable strap to allow  for a more customizable fit and full thumb protection. The Swagger catcher uses multi-flex backhand protection to provide full coverage of the hand. The estimated retail price of the Swagger catch glove is $199.99.

Swagger Blocker

The Swagger blocker uses a flared design at the top and bottom of the blocker to allow for easier rebound control and an improved paddle-down position. This blocker offers an adjustable side board for maximum surface coverage while still staying within sizing regulations. Warrior uses a backhand saddle design on this blocker to reduce rotation on the hand and provide optimum positioning. The Swagger blocker uses a 3-D mesh in the fingers for breathability as well as an antimicrobial V-Tek™ liner to help wick away moisture. The palm of the Swagger blocker features a padded Smart Palm which dampens vibration impact as well allow for a firm grip of the stick. This blocker’s estimated retail price is $149.99.

The Swagger goal pants use molded Zotefoam™ which allows for less foam to be used because the Zotefoam™ is so durable and strong. This smaller amount of foam allows for the pants to be more form fitting which makes the pants feel very lightweight. The Swagger goal pants use a high-strength poly-weave material in the high impact areas for added durability. Warrior has used the same antimicrobial V-Teck™ liner as the catch glove and blocker which wicks moisture away from the body. These pants use a stretchable mesh in the inner leg as well as the back side for added flexibility. The Swagger goal pants use a 420-denier nylon shell to provide a high level of durability. The Swagger goal pants have an estimated retail price of $139.99.

After seeing all of Warrior’s advancements in the player market, it is great to see them jumping into the goalie market. Look for the Warrior goalie line here at Inline Warehouse and Ice Warehouse.

Reebok 11K Ice Hockey Skate

New Reebok 11K Ice Hockey Skate

Reebok has just came out with their new top of the line skate, the Reebok 11K ice hockey skate. Many have probably seen glimpses of the 11k on the likes of Datsyuk, and Crosby. 

Reebok has made several changes to the 2010 11K, however the overall design has stayed very similar to the previous years 9K skate. Reebok has introduced a new quarter panel material for the 11K skate called Pro Armour IV.  This is a combination of materials designed to offer a lightweight, durable, abrasion resistant outer, and great responsive flex.  I weighed the 11K, here at our warehouse at 856 grams for one 9D skate.  Definitely one of the lighter skates on the market, weighing in pretty close to last years 9K.

Reebok has also redesigned The Pump™ on this years skate line.  The Pump™ still features the same performance but now with a sleeker look.  The actual pump and release do not stick out as much and are easier to access.  Reebok has continued to use the Lace Lock feature to add to the customized fit.

The 11K skate also features a new hybrid tongue.  This is a combination of foam and traditional white felt.  The hybrid tongue offers a great pre-molded fit, along with a lace bite guard that allows for forward flex.  Reebok has also given the 11K ice skate a new liner using a combination of Clarino and Nash leather, offering moisture wicking and a locked in feel.  The Nash leather is down the back of the skate, helping increase durability as well.

The 11K skate is not as stiff as some of the competitors top of the line skates, but it offers a nice wrap around the ankle, and the combination of the lace lock and Pump you can lock it down pretty good.  According to Reebok the skate will also be available in a new width.  It will be a D in the forefoot and narrow in the heel, offering a different fit.  Having a slightly narrow foot I’m interested in checking out this new size.