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Cascade M11 Hockey Helmet

Cascade M11 Hockey Helmet

Since Cascade has teamed up with Mark Messier and created the Messier Project, the Cascade M11 hockey helmet has taken off.  The core focus of the Messier Project has been to teach and increase awareness about concussions in hockey.  The following is a check list for concussion symptoms to help players and teams determine when an injured player should return to play.

Cascade uses what they call the Seven Technology for the bulk of the M11 hockey helmet’s protection. You can see below the the basic design of the Seven Technology. The clusters below are placed throughout the M11 helmet with softer comfort foams covering them.

Cascade Seven Technology

The major benefit of Seven Technology is after an impact it almost instantly regenerates to the original position. Therefore, on multiple impacts it offers additional protection than foams that take longer to regenerate to the original position.  Cascade supplied the following stats on multiple impacts on the Seven Technology versus more traditional foams.

Cascade Seven Technology versus Traditional EPP foam

Cascade has slowing been growing in popularity. Cascade does not contract players to wear their product in the NHL but for the last couple years more and more have been popping up in NHL locker rooms across the league. According to Cascade they currently have 12 NHL pros using the M11, 19 College University teams, 30 Junior teams, 100 prep-high school teams, 250 youth teams, and 400+ M11 teams.

Part of Cascades success on getting teams to adopt the M11 helmet is first the protection offered, as well as their great custom and team program. Ice Warehouse has a easy to use custom builder imbedded on the site that allows players to choose the colors they want on their M11 helmet.

Custom Cascade M11 Hockey Helmet Builder