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Reebok 11K Protective Review 2011

The new Reebok protective line has been heavily anticipated, and finally has arrived at IW. Looking at the entire line, (elbows, shins, shoulders) Reebok has included solid features at every price-point. As many of you may know,  a large majority of NHL players wear Reebok designed protective gear (Jofa). With the introduction of the pro-level 11k protective gear, I don’t think that statistic will change anytime soon.

The 11k Shoulder Pad is segmented at the torso and spine. For additional flexibility, Reebok added hinges at the clavicle and shoulder blade. These features ensure the pad moves "with you."

The big feature that Reebok is trying to push on the 11k pads are the new ZigTech liners. What exactly is ZigTechZigTech fabric is constructed with key Celliant fibers which have been clinically proven to enhance oxygen levels by an average of 7%. This increased oxygen circulation allows you to work harder, better, faster, and stronger, all game long.

Besides the ZigTech liners, the 11k line also showcases great protection and easy strapping. The 11k elbow features a comfortable neoprene “locksleeve”  and “lockstrap” to keep the arm in place. The 11k shin also includes a “lockstrap”, but also a large neoprene “quickstrap” system that’s easy and effective. The 11k shoulderselbows, and shins all include JDP Caps. This famous cap design is a big reason Reebok designed protective products are #1 in the NHL.

The Reebok 11k shin guard includes a H-Cell II Foam Liner. This advanced foam reinforcement has been proven not to "bottom-out" like other liners. The 11k shin strap system is made up of a neoprene "quickstrap" and "lockstrap" to help prevent hyper-extension.

Like the 11k products, the rest of the Reebok protective line for 2011 includes the JDP cap construction. This means you’re getting a pro designed cap at every price level. That’s something any player can appreciate. The 9k shins, elbows, and shoulders all feature advanced protection in a slightly lighter, more streamline design compared to the 11k. The 7k series is a great price point option. The 7k line provides solid protection, and showcases advanced strapping systems on the shins and elbows. The 5k series is great for an intermediate player seeking good protection from their shin guards, elbow pads, and shoulder pads, but needs a step up from beginner features. The 3k pads are  solid entry models from Reebok that are lightweight, but still offer the player the protection they need.

Reebok pro Dion Phaneuf- Toronto Maple Leafs

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