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Hockey shoulder pads…What’s hot…

In regards to hockey equipement a lot of what gear is the best always comes down to personal preference. All the major manufacturers are doing a great job at offering the different level price point pads, and making good equipment. However, especially on youtube many people ask for our opinion on what equipment is better (side note: we definitely appreciate all of the input and contributions on our youtube, facebook, and message board…if you contribute, thank you, and keep it up).

So based on this, I plan to post some blogs based strictly on personal opinion and let you guys know what equipment I or whoever is posting is excited about.

Starting it off, let’s talk about shoulder pads. I have been really impressed with the progression of shoulder pads. There are several companies that are doing excellent job on offering great protection without limiting mobility. Mobility has always been a key issue for me when selecting shoulder pads. This is probably the biggest selling point for me, and the first thing I look at. So there is no surprise that the pads I have selected are all pads that offer great mobility and still an advanced level of protection.

Easton earlier this year came out with the S19 shoulder pads. The S19 have a very lightweight feel that does not feel binding at all. I particularly like the three panel design with the perforated thin outer panels. Easton has also given the S19 shoulder pads a good size cut out between the arm and sternum. This allows for improved mobility especially crossing your arms across your body which happens often when stick handling.

Easton Stealth S19 Shoulder pads

Next up is the Warrior Projekt Shoulder pads. Warrior introduced the Projekt line a little while ago and I have been impressed by this line. I think it was a great contribution to the Warrior protective line. The Projekt has focused on the use of Zote foam to make the pads very light, and the Projekt Shoulder pads has done just that. The Zote foam works great for hockey equipment becuase it is light absorbs a ton of energy and in my opinion best of all it is not rigid.  Warrior has used almost a mesh like vest with their top of the line liner on the inside as the base of this pad with the protective pieces attached.  This base has given the pad a light airy feel. I also really like it when shoulder pads feature segmented bicep guards. This pad like all of the other pads I have chosen have segmented biceps, which allows for better arm movement and does not compromise protection.

Warrior Projekt Shoulder Pads

Finally, maybe my number one pick is the Bauer Vapor X60 shoulder pad. In my opinion there is a huge jump from the X40 to the X60 shoulder pad. The X60 offers exceptional mobility but definitely offers an advanced to pro level protection. It has a significant size and pad coverage leading one to think it will feel bulky or heavy.  Although, once you put it on you almost feel foolish for expecting that of this pad. Bauer has used several segmented panels that are allowed to over lap and move past each other ensuring great mobility and protection. A couple of the unique design features are the elastic lacing system inside the pad to determine how tight the chest panels are. This allows one to make the pad a little looser yet having the side fastened, which I prefer.  Another unique feature is the design of the shoulder cap and clavicle. Similar to the bicep guard they are designed to allow them to overlap allowing for arm movement without pushing the clavicle guard into your neck.

Bauer Vapor X60 Shoulder Pads

So there it is. I hope if you were looking on an opinion on shoulder pads you have what you need. Be sure to check out the rest of the shoulder pads on IceWarehouse.com.  There are plenty more excellent pads that did not make the list today, but might make yours.

What sticks are scoring big in the 2010 playoffs

Well we are over half way through the 2010 playoffs.  So far they have been packed with all sorts of excitement, and several David over Goliath victories…So I decided to break down what sticks the top goal scorers of the playoffs have been using.

Pavelski using an Easton S19

To start it out we have Joe Pavelski. Many did not expect to see him among the upper goal scorers of the playoffs, despite his foreshadowing play during the olympics. Pav is leading the way with goals on the Sharks.  Netting even more goals than giants like, Heatley, and Marleau.  Pavelski, as you can see is using an Easton S19 stick, which matches he’s play perfectly.  The Easton S19 has an excellent quick and snappy shot release, but can also deliver deadly one-timers, as Pav has shown.

Cammalleri using an Easton SE16 stick

Next up we have Mike Cammalleri. Mike is also using an Easton stick, however he is using the slightly older but still very popular Easton SE16 stick.  Cammalleri excels in the quick give n’ go style play, and the Easton SE16 works great with this. Easton has designed the SE16 to be the “ultimate feel” stick in their line, perfect for touch passes, and one-timers.  The great feel helps give confidence when receiving passes to make that quick play on point.

Toews using a Warrior Dolomite Spyne DD stick

Here we have a nice visible shot of Toews stick, a Warrior Dolomite Spyne DD.  A fairly new stick that came out around mid-season this year.  The Dolo Spyne has a great feel, nice rounded corners and concave walls. The Dolo Spyne features a mid flex point to load more energy into the stick, and a slightly stiffer feel than the Dolo DD stick.  As Toews has shown the Dolo Spyne DD is a great all around stick from slappers to wrist shots.

Briere using a Bauer Supreme One95 stick

Finally, we have Daniel Briere, here meeting a line of fans in Boston.  Briere definitely seems to step it up in the playoff, and this year he has been doing just that.  If you need evidence, just take a quick look at the second round series against Boston. Where Briere and the Flyers pull off one of the greatest comebacks in recent hockey history. Briere is shown here with what looks to be a Bauer Supreme One95 stick. One95 is a great stick, that has seen a fair share of use in the NHL.  The one95 stick offers a mid-flex point for loading maximum energy. Great for one-timers and slap shots, but as Briere has shown it can handle whatever you through at it.

As we have seen there are plenty of players stepping up their game these playoffs, and the same can be said about the stick manufacturers lately. With quality sticks coming from several companies. It is just a matter of finding what stick fits you the best, not what is the best stick.

Reebok 11K Ice Hockey Skate

New Reebok 11K Ice Hockey Skate

Reebok has just came out with their new top of the line skate, the Reebok 11K ice hockey skate. Many have probably seen glimpses of the 11k on the likes of Datsyuk, and Crosby. 

Reebok has made several changes to the 2010 11K, however the overall design has stayed very similar to the previous years 9K skate. Reebok has introduced a new quarter panel material for the 11K skate called Pro Armour IV.  This is a combination of materials designed to offer a lightweight, durable, abrasion resistant outer, and great responsive flex.  I weighed the 11K, here at our warehouse at 856 grams for one 9D skate.  Definitely one of the lighter skates on the market, weighing in pretty close to last years 9K.

Reebok has also redesigned The Pump™ on this years skate line.  The Pump™ still features the same performance but now with a sleeker look.  The actual pump and release do not stick out as much and are easier to access.  Reebok has continued to use the Lace Lock feature to add to the customized fit.

The 11K skate also features a new hybrid tongue.  This is a combination of foam and traditional white felt.  The hybrid tongue offers a great pre-molded fit, along with a lace bite guard that allows for forward flex.  Reebok has also given the 11K ice skate a new liner using a combination of Clarino and Nash leather, offering moisture wicking and a locked in feel.  The Nash leather is down the back of the skate, helping increase durability as well.

The 11K skate is not as stiff as some of the competitors top of the line skates, but it offers a nice wrap around the ankle, and the combination of the lace lock and Pump you can lock it down pretty good.  According to Reebok the skate will also be available in a new width.  It will be a D in the forefoot and narrow in the heel, offering a different fit.  Having a slightly narrow foot I’m interested in checking out this new size.

Bauer Supreme vs Vapor sticks

Bauer has developed two solid hockey stick lines that have been experiencing some great success.  The one95 made waves last year with its release, offering explosive power and a great balanced feel. Ovi was even seen putting a couple pucks in the back of the net with one (probably much to his sponsors dismay). This year has brought the new and re-amped Vapor stick, the X:60 offering a great feel, and intelli-sense shot technology.

Bauer has developed two stick lines in attempt to have  at least one stick that will appeal to any player on the ice.  The Supreme stick line is the power line.  The Bauer Supreme stick has a Mid-Low flex point that allows the stick to load up maximum energy on every shot.  Since it does not have as low of a kick point it will not have as quick of a shot release.  It’s shot release though is nothing to sneeze at, I would not characterize it as slow.  Bauer just put their main focus on power with this line. But that does not mean they forgot about everything else. This stick design makes the Supreme line ideal for monster slappers from the point, and explosive one-timers.

The Vapor line was generated with the finesse player in mind.  This stick line is for  players that focuses on puck handling and a quick shot release. Bauer has introduced their micro-feel II shaft dimensions that gives the stick a comfortable feel in your hands.   According to Bauer it helps improve puck handling.  The Vapor stick line excels with wrist and snap shots, offering a lower kick point and quick shot release than that Supreme line.  This year Bauer introduced the Intelli-Sense shot technology, which changes the flex point, based upon your lower hand position.  This works toward making the X60 stick great all over the ice.  So it can still handle slappers and one-timers but a main focus is on the wrist and snap shots.


New Easton Synergy ST stick


Easton ST stick


Easton has done it again producing yet another top of the line stick.  The Easton ST stick recently arrived here at IW, many have already been shipped out to some lucky saps.

The ST stick is the power stick in the Easton line.  This workhorse has been given thicker shaft walls for increase strength and power.  The ST stick uses a compression molding process delivering a smooth consistent flex, which offers exceptional power.  This is the same molding process Easton has been using for a little while on their advanced level sticks.

Similar to the other top sticks from Easton, the ST features a Kevlar wrap.  I really like seeing the Kevlar wraps on sticks.  It offers some additional protection by adding that layer of woven textile around the outside of the stick.  Being that it is a woven material it also helps reduce vibrations in the stick giving it a great solid feel.

The “call-out” new feature on the ST stick is the Shox™ technology.  This is a Resin Transfer process in the blade.  This process results in some unique blade characteristics.  As a result of this process the ST stick offers a solid blade feel, and giving you a little help in corralling hard passes.  It has a denser feel, making a little more of a “thud” sound.  It doesn’t do all the work in receiving passes but has a nice feel.

As far as graphics goes I’d say it is probably the best looking stick in the Easton line.  The ST stick comes with a sweet matte gray finish.  The grip version has almost a transparent dark orange top layer.  Both version you can somewhat see the combination of Kevlar and carbon beneath.

All and all the ST stick is great addition to the Easton stick line.  Once again Easton has continued to innovate and progress the hockey stick market.