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CCM Hockey Gloves 2011

Looking for some new hockey gloves? Make sure to check out the new CCM line if you’re in the market. The new U+ glove line has some solid protection and fit features that have made it a real stand out.  The pro end U+ CL is extremely comfortable out of the box, and offers advanced protection in a light design.

CCM U+CL glove.

The U+ CL aka “Crazy Light” glove is an overall tapered design. The fingers and backhand fit snugly to the hand, and the cuff is short and slightly flared. This allows for awesome control with excelled wrist mobility. The inside liner is a red micro comfort material that’s is comfy and moisture wicking.  The palm used is a very high end Clarino to give a player an awesome stick feel that’s built to last. Right out of the box the CL is a perfect fit on your hand. This fit is brought to you by  CCM’s FluidFit technology. FluidFit  is a combination of features like the tapered fingers, stabilizing pad, and open cuff, working together to lock the hand in from game 1.

Looking at he backhand and side protection, you can tell the U+ CL has you covered. CCM designed the foam padding to offer maximum protection with a light weight construction players love. The newest hybrid foam technology from CCM makes this possible. CCM utilizes a EPP foam/ open cell foam combination to offer the lightest and highest impact protection. By only using 2 dense foams unlike the other gloves, the CL fits closer to the hand, making your control that much better. CCM calls this their Active Response Design.

Vincent Lecavalier of the Tampa Bay Lightning- Lightin’ lamps with the U+CL glove

The rest of the U+ glove line features the same overall design as the CL, with great features at every price point. The U+ 12 has  triple decker foam protection, along with a Rima II/ Ivory Nash palm combination. The U+08 is light weight, and is the first model in the U+ line to offer the CCM red comfort liner. The U+ 06 is a solid entry model with a nash palm and triple decker foams.

CCM Pro 4Roll

Looking for a more classic style glove? Check out the CCM 4Roll.

You can get the newest CCM gloves at InlineWarehouse.com and IceWarehouse.com.