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CCM U+ CL Ice Hockey Skates

CCM U+ CL Ice Hockey Skate

CCM has re-amped and redesigned the U+ skates for the up coming season. Just in time for the holidays CCM will be releasing the new CCM U+ CL ice hockey skates.  One of the changes CCM has implemented is the fit of the U+ Crazy Light skates. CCM has increased the overall step in comfort of the skates by adding foams in the ankle and heel for a tighter heel pocket. Along with giving the forefoot a more relaxed fit. CCM has also added some embossments in the quarter panels to help enhance the step in comfort.  Before the higher level CCM skates were know for being very straight and vertical in the quarters, so these changes should really help improve that initial step-in comfort.

CCM has continued to use the U foam through out the quarter package, and added U foam in a couple of new places on the skate to give an improved 360 degree fit.  CCM has added the U foam in the tongue along with in the footbed, allowing for more custom molding in those areas.

This year CCM is also introducing the exhaust system made up by the tongue, footbed and outsole to function together as one  “moisture exhaust system”.  This system will help keep the foot and boot dryer, improving the fit and keeping the skate light even late in the 3rd period.

CCM is also manufacturing the U+ CL skates in Canada, which should help ensure some great quality.  All and all looks like CCM has made some nice improvements to taking the U+ skates to the next level.