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Warrior Luxe Hockey Gloves Review

Warrior has made a new addition to their glove line for 2011, and is now offering three distinct glove fits, Contoured, Tapered, and Traditional.

2011 Warrior Hockey Gloves

The newest addition to the Warrior glove line are the contoured fit gloves. The premier glove in this line is the Warrior Luxe hockey glove. The Luxe gloves feature all of the top end features and materials from Warrior.  Warrior has combined the protection material in the Projekt as well as the Franchise in the Luxe gloves. From the Franchise the Luxe has adopted the tri-lame foams that utilizes three different density foams, and from the Projekt the Luxe has adopted the bone system. Warrior’s Bone System uses a four layer construction composed of Volara foam, HD and LD foam, and molded HDPE to create an impenetrable guard against impacts. This makes the Luxe glove one of the most protective gloves on the market.

Warrior Luxe Hockey Gloves

The Luxe gloves are the most form fitting gloves in the Warrior line. By reducing the negative space in the glove, it makes the glove extremely responsive.  Although, at the same time the flared out cuff offers exceptional wrist mobility. Sometime tighter fitting gloves can create a little more resistance in the wrist area, this is certainly not the case with this glove.

Kovalchuk using the Warrior Luxe Gloves

Along with the Luxe glove Warrior is also releasing two other gloves in the contoured fit familr, the Surge glove, and Burn glove.  The Surge and Burn features the same blocking pattern in the backhand and the same overall fit as the Luxe gloves.

All of these gloves are available now at Ice Warehouse and Inline Warehouse!