The Tape Job

A tape job is like a snowflake: white, boring and spends most of its time on the cold, hard ice; but no, not really. Next time you wander into a locker room, check out the tape jobs on the stick rack and you’ll notice that no two are the same. You’ll see the traditional white or black tape, maybe a twig with a colored tape job. Every once in a while you’ll see the camouflage, flag, or if you’re lucky, a superman job. Then there’s the question of cloth or friction tape. When we get down to the actual taping aspect, you’ll see heel-to-toe, toe-to-heel, strips all the way across, only half the blade taped, waxed or unwaxed, do we tape the toe? etc. You get the picture.

Different Tape Jobs

So how should you tape your stick? When it comes to the wrapping, heel-to-toe and toe-to-heel stand as the two schools of thought. The heel-to-toe job provides extra friction for puck control and grip, and on the other hand the toe-to-heel allows for the puck to slide more easily off the stick. The correct way to tape a stick is… however you’d like. Find one that works for you and stick with it . Players will try to convince you that their tape job is the only way to go and all others fall short. Slap the tape out of their hand and walk away.¬†Different variations that you can experiment with besides toe-to-heel and heel-t0-toe include: fully taping the toe, beginning from different points on the blade, spacing between each wrap, and even more. Remember, hall of famer Bobby Orr? He didn’t tape his stick.

General Tips

While there are an infinite number of tape job possibilities, there are some general guidelines.

  • After you tape, slide a puck up along the blade so it will fully stick to the blade. This will prolong the life of your tape.
  • Waxing your tape job will help waterproof the tape and can also provide extra grip.
  • Make sure that you don’t have air pockets or lumps.
  • Black tape can make it hard for a goalie to see the puck leaving your stick.
  • White tape can make it hard for a goalie to distinguish your blade from the ice.
  • Bright colored tape can sometimes paint a target on you. Keep your head up and you’ll be fine.

Comment Below and Tell Us How You Tape Your Stick!

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