Vaughn Ventus Goalie Equipment

Vaughn is known for their impressive hockey goalie gear and their protective works of art can be seen on goaltenders of all ages and playing levels. Vaughn is one of the top manufacturers of goalie equipment in the world and can be seen on elite NHL goaltenders like Jonathan Quick, Tuukka Rask and Antti Niemi just to name a few. The newly released Vaughn Ventus line of goalie pads offer excellent protection and offer some unique features that are designed to maximize your goaltending game play.

Lets take a closer look.

The all new for 2013 Ventus LT leg pads come in three models, the Custom ProLT90, LT80 and LT60 junior goal pads.  The new Ventus butterfly leg pads feature a full flat front surface and a solid one piece outside roll that helps maintain the pads firm shape.  The new stylish Ventus graphics give the pad a taller, longer appearance to help trick the shooter. Internal foam core construction consists of multiple layers of foam densities and thicknesses in an arrangement that gives the pad a solid frontal blocking surface as well as firm edges for maximum net coverage. The new internal structure also allows the pads to twist and flex in crucial locations improving the performance and positioning of the pad. The internal construction gives the goaltenders added extension when in the butterfly position and allows faster pad rotation for improved net coverage. Vaughn’s internal knee cradle comes with an angled strap system that positions the straps below the bend of the knee creating less friction and improving comfort. The leg cradle-landing pad is shaped to encapsulate the leg and cushion the body when dropping down to the ice. The knee and leg cradles are designed to improve pad control and provide faster pad rotation and response times for more effective blocking positioning.

Vaughn fans will notice right away the similarities between the Vaughn Vision and the Vaughn Ventus catch gloves. Small tweaks have been made to the Ventus catcher including the new wider cuff design for improved chest and arm fit and allows improved mobility when handling the puck. Backhand protection now features a segmented design like the Velocity series for an easy closure and seamless protection. Loyal Vaughn goaltenders will have no problem transitioning to the new Ventus catcher, as the internal construction and feel are very similar to the Vision line.

The Ventus blocker might look similar to the Vaughn Vision blocker because of the board angle and side hand protection but in fact the internal components have been completely redesigned, improving protection and durability.  Active goaltenders that like to play puck will especially appreciate the new wider cuff opening that provides improved wrist mobility. Hand protection has been improved like the ergonomically shaped palm, constructed with Vaughn’s special MSH3 material that retains a grip when wet and will not become stiff over time. The palm is also padded to help reduce puck vibrations while providing more comfort through the game. Thumb and index finger protection have been reinforced to provide better protection and offer a wider opening for better stick handling.

Vaughn’s new VGS LT90 Ventus goal stick provides an exceptional feel and balanced design. According to Vaughn the goal stick has an average weight of only 690 grams. The paddle features a flat-faced profile design to more effectively make saves and add control over rebounds. The LT90 goal stick is constructed from pure carbon fiber composite and epoxy resins all layered in precise order to provide incredible durability, strength and stiffness. The entire goal stick is molded under high pressure and heat to ensure optimum performance and consistency throughout. The stick also features ribbed chambers in the paddle and blade that help reduce twisting and add stiffness when shooting the puck. The inner core of the paddle and blade are constructed with high impact foams to reduce and dampen vibrations and limit unwanted paddle flexing.

The Vaughn Ventus line of goalie equipment features all the necessary components and protective features to maximize the goaltending experience. Additional information on the new for 2013 Vaughn Ventus goalie gear is available at Inline and