Which Sticks are Scoring in the ’13 Playoffs?

The Stanley Cup Playoffs are coming down to the wire with the final two teams almost decided. We have 169 goal scorers thus far in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, which begs the question: what sticks are putting the puck in the back of the net?¬†Instead of naming off each of the 169 players and their twigs, we’ve listed the sticks and their percentages (but yes, I did count every single player and their stick). NOTE: These are the goals per stick, not the stick use by goal scoring player. Below is the distribution of goals scored by each brand. And before yelling at me, know I had to round up or down on some of the percentages, so the grand total may not be exactly 100%.

Bauer Sticks led with 36.4% of the goals.

Easton Sticks followed with 27.1%

Reebok Sticks came after with 14.5%

Warrior Sticks put in 11.2%

CCM Sticks finished 9.5% of the goals

Sherwood Sticks trailed at 1.0%

-Graf finished with 0.2%

And now the list of the individual sticks.

The most scoring stick in the 2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs (so far) is… the Bauer Supreme TotalOne NXG! 34 goal scorers put the NXG to good use, accounting for 19.2% of all playoff goals.¬†

The stick that puts the second most goals into the twine is… the Easton Stealth RS 2 (in combination with the unreleased Easton V9E, which will replace the RS2)! 27 players use this twig to finish 15.2% of all playoff goals.

Coming in third place is… the Reebok 20K (in combination with the unreleased replacement, the Reebok Ribcor)! 13.7% of all playoff goals come off the blades of the 17 players that use it.

The fourth most scoring stick goes to… the Bauer Nexus 1000! Top goal scorer (so far), David Krejci, and 14 others utilize the Nexus to put up 11.7% of all playoff goals.

9.7% of playoff goals come from the Warrior Covert DT1!

9.7% from the Easton Mako II & its successor, the Easton V9.

7% are rocketed in from the CCM RBZ & the RBZ Stage 2 sticks.

5.5% of the goals are put in by the Bauer Vapor APX or APX 2 sticks.

2.5% were scored by the CCM U+ Crazy Light

1.5% end up in the net because of the Easton S19.

1.5% of biscuits wind up in the basket as a result of the Warrior Dynasty AX1

0.8% of the stuffing in the turkey came from the Reebok 11K.

0.8% of the turkeys in the oven were put in by the Easton EQ50

0.5% of the lightning in a bottle was done so by the Sherwood T90 Undercover.

0.5% that put the cat in the hat was finished by the Sherwood Nexon N12 .

0.2 % were scored by Graf sticks.

(If you don’t understand the references at the end: watch this here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d_HHLfIunG0).

Anyways we can’t wait to see what the rest of the playoffs have to offer! All of these sticks are available at Inline & Ice Warehouse and the unreleased sticks will be up when launched).