Which Sticks are Scoring in the NHL?

So we’re a week and a half into the shortened NHL season and it’s time to break down which sticks are the weapons of mass production thus far. While it may be the players’ talent that puts the puck in the back of the net, one can always dream that his or her twig has the potential to be a top scorer in the NHL. For time purposes, I’m just going to include the top 15 scorers in the NHL which includes all players with 4+ goals.

Patrick Marleau and His Warrior Covert DT1

1. Patrick Marleau – 9 Goals

This man is a scoring machine. Marleau has led the San Jose Sharks to a perfect 5-0 start to the season and in the process became the second player in NHL history to start the season off with 4 consecutive multi-goal games. His streak broke on Sunday with his single goal night against Colorado. And of course his stick… The Warrior Covert DT1!


Warrior Covert DT1: 9

(Pretty good start for Warrior)

Zach Parise & the Easton RS II

2. Zach Parise – 5 Goals

Parise assumed the top scorer position on his new Minnesota Wild team with 5 goals and 4 assists. His weapon of choice… the Easton RS II!

Easton RS II: 5

3. Marian Hossa – 5 Goals

The Blackhawks’ leading scorer rocks the CCM U+ Crazy Light since he is a CCM sponsored player.

CCM U+ CL: 5

4. Marian Gaborik – 5 Goals

This IW player of the day for his hatty last week amassed two more goals with his discontinued Easton EQ50.

Easton EQ50: 5

5. Daniel Winnik – 5 Goals

Recently signed by Anaheim after his release from the Sharks, Winnik is doing work with his Bauer TotalOne NXG down with the Ducks.

TotalOne NXG: 5 Goals

6. Jeff Skinner – 5 Goals

The 2011 Calder trophy winner leads the Carolina Hurricanes in scoring with his Bauer Vapor APX.

Bauer APX: 5 Goals

7. Vladimir Tarasenko – 4 Goals

A week and a half in and already a Calder candidate in my opinion. This rookie is tied for the lead in scoring on the Blues with his Reebok 20K.

Reebok 20K: 5 Goals

8. Eric Staal – 4 Goals

The Carolina Captain picked up 4 goals with our first repeat stick of the blog: the Bauer TotalOne NXG

Bauer TotalOne NXG: 9 Goals

9. Dany Heatley – 4 Goals

Easton Athlete Dany Heatley scored his goals with the Easton RS II.

Easton RS II: 9 Goals

10. Steve Sullivan – 4 Goals

Yet another RS II user with Phoenix’s ┬áSteve Sullivan. And the RS II takes the lead!

Easton RS II: 13 Goals

11. Andrei Markov – 4 Goals

Montreal’s blue liner is the only D-man in the top 15. What’s crazy is that 3 of his 4 goals were game winners scored by his classic Easton Mako.

Easton Mako: 4 Goals

12. Kyle Turris – 4 Goals

Finally, we see a Bauer Nexus in the mix. Turris began his second season with the Senators strong and also after switching from the Warrior Widow.

Bauer Nexus 1000: 4 Goals

13. James Neal – 4 Goals

Yet another original Easton Mako. Interesting that we haven’t seen any Easton Mako II‘s yet.

Easton Mako – 8 Goals

14. Zack Kassian – 4 Goals

In his second season with the Canucks, he leads their goal scoring above the Sedin twins with his Reebok 20K.

Reebok 20K – 9 Goals

15. Chris Stewart – 4 Goals

Ooh and at #15 Chris Stewart and his Custom TotalOne NXG ties the stick score up at 13.

Final Totals:

1. Bauer TotalOne NXG: 13 Goals

1. Easton RS II: 13 Goals

2. Warrior Covert DT1: 9 Goals (Marleau)

3. Reebok 20K: 9 Goals

4. Easton Mako: 8 Goals

We’ll check back in later on down the road to see where these totals stand. On a completely unrelated note, if there’s a volunteer that wants to add up every goal scored by every player and record which stick they used, that would be great.

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